For beginner students in Chinese, it can be difficult to immerse oneself in the language if you are not surrounded by it on a daily basis. In fact, it is not easy to just go to a local shop, restaurant or bookstore, and have the language everywhere around you. However, there are some procedures that you can follow at home to create your language habit environment and it will be through a Chinese language course in Kolkata which is an immersion of the language.

You have to get accustomed to the language as much as possible in your life. To build habits in the language is important when you are learning a foreign language. You have to do it naturally and let us focus on those.

• Set small goals that can be accomplished in a small amount of time such as which characters to learn and a couple of vocabulary items for the kitchen.

• Your behavior must be linked with the language and to make it a habit you must use computers and social media.

• Build language habits around the things that you like the most.

Now let us focus on some other examples to develop a language habit environment

• You can change your phone or computer system’s language into the language of choice. Since you are already taking up the
Chinese language course in Kolkata,
you will get the added benefit of learning from a variety of apps and websites and changing the language preferences will show you Chinese only, helping you to learn the language in an effective way.

• Tune into Chinese audio and movies along with news programs, TV shows, and music. Many of these will have subtitles, which will help with comprehension. There’s also plenty of YouTube channels you can find with people doing video game play-through or introducing food, unboxing items and more.

• If you can take up the Chinese language course in Kolkata in the online mode, you will be able to create a positive environment which encourages language habit. Moreover, apart from the course, it is necessary to use resources from other websites which will help you in both, learning as well as managing a good habit.

• As a beginner, it is important that you use language labels to mark items around in your house or workplace on a regular basis to learn as well as recall what you have learned.

• One of the most important thing while studying is to read as much as you can, and if you find books in the language, keep them nearby so that you can pick them up whenever required.

• If you are proficient enough after achieving the C1 or C2 levels as recommended by CEFR, you can start a blog in Chinese. Write about what you want and learn from the comments. Additionally, ask your friends who speak Chinese for suggestions.

If you are dedicated to learning the language, you will create good habits. However, it is essential to take up a Chinese language course in Kolkata which will force you to create the required environment. In the course, you can ask for suggestions from your tutors as well.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is the consultant and teacher at IITT Languages Academy. He teaches the Chinese language course in Kolkata with expertise so that his students develop the core skills in the language and become qualified for careers abroad.