When customers visit your restaurant, one of the first things they notice is the menu. Your restaurant menu plays a major part in making an impression on visitors and influencing what they order.

For instance, a cluttered menu card with lots of pictures and inconsistent font won’t make a great impression on your customers. In order to create an eye-catching menu that is also neat and readable, follow these five easy tips:

Eye-Scanning Patterns
Restaurants tend to strategically place their best-selling items so that customers can spot them quickly. Extensive research has been conducted to detect the eye movements of customers when they are handed a menu.

Previously, research suggested that the top right corner was noticed by the customers first. Recent studies, however, show that people read a menu like a book, beginning at the upper left hand corner. To make sure your customers order the most profitable items, place them on the top left, top right, and middle section of your menu.

Divide your dishes into categories and place them under relevant headings so that your customers are able to find items easily. Maintain ample space between the text and images to prevent a cluttered look.

You can also choose to keep less space between the items in the same category and increase their distance from other categories in order to distinguish different groups from each other. Keeping white space between items goes a long way in improving the readability of your menu.

High Contrast Colors
To create an eye-catching menu, let the color of the background and text contrast well with each other. It should also be in line with your eatery’s style and branding.

Consider the lighting inside your restaurant when deciding the color scheme. If dim lights or candles are your signature style, make sure the menu colors are bright enough to be readable.

Colors also have different instincts associated with them. For instance, red is often perceived to stimulate appetite, while blue is considered to suppress the urge to eat.

Limited Pictures
Photography can be a tricky aspect when designing a menu. Avoid adding pictures of food to your menu, as they are best left to the imagination. The key is to not have more than one food image on a single page.

If you decide to add a few images, make sure they are high-resolution and professionally captured. Low-resolution pictures may have a negative impression of your restaurant on customers. Doodles and hand-drawn illustrations are exciting alternatives to pictures. They appeal to most people and add character to your eatery.

Handle Pricing with Care
Always choose subtle colors and fonts for stating prices so that they have less visual importance. Avoid ranking food items according to their prices, such as high to low, or low to high. Another technique is to bury the prices by mentioning them at the end of item descriptions rather than placing them in a column on the right.

A pro tip for creating an eye-catching menu is choosing bold typography to effectively market your main items. They can also double as artistic elements, with their fonts determining a theme for your restaurant. If you want to get a menu printed, feel free to explore our website, or call Same Day Printing now! 800 411 3106

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