Creating blogs with a long life span requires an ongoing effort which is why so many people fail to do so! It is best to consider blogging sites as living organisms that are in need of constant nurturing in order to survive. Of course the 'nurturing' being referred to here is the effort a person invests when creating content for their blog posting needs which once again will be an ongoing process! At this point it is important to realize there are 3 other aspects that must be successfully addressed for the site to gain and retain readers!

Exposure - Get It

Your blog posting allows you to ping the search engines for highly focused and targeted traffic and is a great start but there's more you can do! Promoting your site is another ongoing responsibility you'll need to undertake to maximize your exposure! Now there are many other ways you can drive or attract visitors to your site such as social networking, article submissions and even leaving comments at other blogging sites within your niche! The point is don't rely upon just one strategy but rather mix it up to get the best results!

Credibility - Earn It

When creating content you must be mindful of its quality in terms of usefulness, relevancy and even accuracy! The updates that appear on your site are like a 'calling card' that indicates to visitors what they can expect! The better the quality you offer the more credibility you stand to gain in the eyes of your readers! This is huge since you'll get much more 'referral' traffic this way which is some of the best kind you can hope for and when it is generated in a viral fashion the amount you receive can be significant! The blogging sites that gain the most credibility are usually also the ones with the most traffic as well!

Staying Power - Keep It

Over the short and long haul it's all about a consistent persistent effort on your part in terms of continually serving up good reading material. Blog posting is the most basic and vital task any blogger can perform and must be done in a consistent fashion to make your presence known. In addition your consistency will also send out the signal to visitors that you intend to be a reliable source to them for the information they seek! Of course this is assuming your updates 'deliver' something of value but it is your consistency that will just keep people returning which is exactly what you want!

Creating blogs that develop a loyal following is NOT a whimsical act but more a methodical process. Part of that process of course will be creating content for blog posting but this is simply the start! Blogging sites also need a steady stream of readers before they really qualify as a success and this also can only be accomplished with an ongoing effort! As the discussion above clearly indicates creating content for the site is merely the beginning of a process that must be sustained if the platform is to develop a loyal following! The best blogging sites are generally the ones where the site administrator has a strong passion for the topic which is blogged about! If this sounds like you the chances of your success will be way above average!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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