Intention is something you hold, having formed an idea out of the contrast, that which you have chosen to remain focused on. Intention by this definition incorporates the use of the buffer of time regarding the commitment, dedicated by the individual to the intention. The time deliberately used to focus on the intention effects the time it takes for the attraction to arrive; it is here where alignment is formed by deliberation in focused, thoughtful attention to any subject of choice.

You are the beginning point of any intention, large or small.

Intention begins within you. Within YOUR MIND, your imagination is a place or domain where minutes of dreaming can seem like hours or days of exploration. Time is not relevant until the intention is formed and one has committed to a chosen point of focus in order to form alignment with the subject, therefore activating the Law of Receiving so that YOUR desire to experience something is fulfilled.

How you use time is very relevant to your receiving of something, as your dedication will focus something into position and you will align. If your focus were to drift from event to event, or random physical occurrences, then your alignment with anything focused on for whatever period of time, will be the same and your attractions will be evident in the array of UNWANTED occurrences and the frequency they occur within your reality or contrast.

A day as you know, can hold many intentions and every intention takes up periods of time. Periods of time that give birth to POWERFUL EMOTION, the same vibrational emotion you use to attract people, places, and things into your reality. When one does not have some commitment to a subject of preference within the contrast of reality, then one will be subject to the assorted contrast they chose to look at.

When one IS COMMITED to a subject within the contrast of reality, then one will be able to filter EVERYTHING ELSE within that contrast by merely holding onto a specific intention. This means that no matter what one sees out there, it can always be used as a comparison to the reality. (This is being deliberate with intention, forming alignment, returning again and again to a set of thoughts. WE are encouraging you to step back with-in yourself.

Introducing Intention to Everything
This is a practice in deliberation and is something that you dedicate attention to. It is where your intention becomes the most important TOOL for your alignment with what it is you desire to receive. This might seem daunting. (To add more to what you already have to contend with.) Yet it is and can become a very simple practice to incorporate into your day-to-day living.

As you go about your day viewing all that is your life, you KEEP your intention IN MIND. Meaning if somebody hands you a cup of coffee, you look at your intention saying to yourself, "Does this fit in with my intention?" If it does fit in and you like the idea of being handed coffee in the morning, then you smile and say, "Hmmm, yes please, MORE of this." If it is not a preference according to the intention, then you can RESPOND ACCORDINGLY, saying, "No thank you, I prefer not to drink coffee in the morning."

What has just occurred is DELIBERATE ALIGNMENT, meaning in a simple manner YOU formed alignment with YOUR GREATER INTENTION. Your task in this process is to constantly canvas everything you see in accordance to your intention, so having a specific intention here is KEY.

Time as a TOOL: Using Time Well
The MORE TIME you give intention, the QUICKER the attraction and alignment occurs. This does not mean that in a day of 24 hours you will need to focus 18 hours of positive focus to get what you want. What it does mean is that you become aware of INCLUDING your DEDICATED small portions of focused time to the intention while living your life. The inclusion, if constant, influences the bigger vibrational picture to lean more in favor of the intention or preference rather than merely having no say and watching it all happen. Every dedicated 68 seconds of deliberate thought given to any subject, no matter how long the subject HAS BEEN looked at, WILL bear the vibrational PREFERENCE of the 68 seconds. Even if the subject has been caught up in your attention for years it will now carry the 68 second preference as YOUR CHOOSING. This IS ALIGNMENT with what you desire LETTING IT IN.

In this and the earlier process your task is TO INCLUDE your preferences to things. This process is more about dedicating deliberate time to LOOKING and giving thought to preference. You pause to look at something and then attach preference, DEDICATING a minimum of 68 seconds to form an emotional reading regarding the subject. The resulting feeling in relation to what you are dealing with will be the indicator that your preference is set.

The more you practice these steps the easier it will be to include this thinking, so much so that once you have done it for a while you will forget that you are doing it, it will just be the way you canvas your contrast, attracting to you the very things you desire.

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