A satisfied, motivated team of employees and distributors all working towards a common goal of company growth and profits will energize the organization for financial and spiritual success.

Over the next several blog articles we’ll be featuring the details of these ten absolutely critical applications a Leader must do to support the growth of their direct reports and all those in the organization.

– Ten Applications –

1. Be a leader – The Power of Example
2. Develop and Communicate Goals – Everyone must be rowing in the same boat
3. Create a family atmosphere – Have fun
4. Build the team – Challenge them to build a Future
5. Listen to your people – Can you hear what they’re saying?
6. Share the wealth – Hinge Compensation to performance
7. Make recognition and praise a way of life – Be proud of their efforts
8. Delegate authority and responsibility – Trust your people
9. Train your people – Invest in your future
10. Establish a great customer service program – Backbone for a solid organization

All the best product and services in the world are not going to get you anywhere without a motivated team of champions driving your goals to growth and profitability. Creating these champions requires focused attention. It requires extraordinary people skills. It may mean changing your corporate culture, your organization structure and the way you do business with your customer.

Incentive programs can assist an organization in temporarily boosting morale. Use incentive programs to reward solid solutions, instead of quick fixes. To have an enduring effect, treat your employees well on a daily basis by running your organization with feeling, with heart.
Expect the best from your people. Communicate your expectations. Consciously work at identifying and acknowledging good behaviour. Lead your people to be successful and they, in turn, will make you successful. Recognize their achievements and praise them for their efforts.

‘Creating Champions’, is a book that is inspiring excellence in the workplace. The concepts in Creating Champions, when implemented, help organizations overcome communication roadblocks. By encouraging employees and management to communicate openly, challenges can be overcome and opportunities seized.

We welcome you to stand by and read the next several blog articles featuring each of the Ten Applications to Creating Champions.

"When your staff succeeds, so do you."

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