There are several ways you can use for creating content however it doesn't always have to involve much research! In fact it is the content research that discourages many from using this very effective marketing strategy due to its labor intensity! One such way for creating unique content without the need for research can be as simple as sharing your thoughts on current topics or trends relevant to your niche! Below we'll discuss 3 different presentation methods you can use to convey personal thoughts on just about any topic in a way that can offer something unique and of value to readers!

Just Saying!

Address what you see or hear and how it may strike you in terms of the opinions and perspectives of those speaking out on certain issues and/or topics! You don't necessarily need to take a hard-line stand on anything but merely 'throw out' casual observations or impressions you may have experienced! The material you gather to compose something along these lines does not need to come from focused and time consuming content research! You can gather enough to write about by simply watching the news, reading the paper or casually surfing the internet! This approach can best be described as playing the devils advocate!

Get Personal

If you have personal experiences you can share that give people a deeper look into the subject matter this works great for engaging your readers! Here too you can base your writing efforts on topics, news or events that are of interest to readers and have relevance to what you do! By virtue of 'injecting' your own personal experiences you are guaranteeing yourself of offering unique content to viewers! It is the uniqueness and relevance of what you wrote that will make this approach work so well!

Let It Hang Out

Take a stance and offer your opinion! This is something you can do without having the benefit of a lot of experience but be mindful that if you do offer your opinion you must also offer a certain 'logic' to back it up! Much like sharing personal experiences when voicing your opinion, in most cases the result of what you compose will be unique content to people! Once again to make this approach work best it is always advisable to share your 'reasoning' to help 'validate' your feelings!

Creating content does NOT always have to be labor intensive but rather can be done quite spontaneously! Although this is a very effective marketing strategy used online many are reluctant to utilize it due to the content research that is often involved! The strategy offered above reviews 3 ways in which you can simply 'comment' on current events or topics while still producing unique content readers can enjoy and value! Remember what you develop in terms of any information you intend to circulate online does NOT always have to be based upon hard news or researched fact! Simply offering your own views can still make for interesting and obviously unique content!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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