Creating content is an integral part of any business marketing strategy online since it is used for so many different applications! This is why it is so important to have some type of content development strategy in place since its need and use will be both constant and continuous! Here is where some of the free Google tools available online come into play! Let's look at 3 ways these useful tools can help anybody looking for information they can use when writing content!

Google Reader

Reader is an amazingly simple way of collecting rss feeds to any blogs you have an interest in which will then notify you of any new updates! Better yet these updates are actually sent to your site which you set up with just the use of a gmail address! Now you can focus on particular niches or topics and collect any new information these sites may offer for your own use when writing content! This saves you from having to scan the internet and sifting through all kinds of information by instead sending the exact information you're looking for directly to your reader! Oh yeah, and this is free!

Google Suggest

Perhaps reader isn't sending enough of what you're looking for in the time frame you want it so may I suggest Suggest? Using the Google search page you begin typing in what you want to find and as you're typing the search bar actually begins to kick back a list of suggestions based upon what has already been typed! Now the cool part about this is that many times the results take you in a direction you haven't consider but is still of relevance! I actually used this quite a bit just for the ideas it gives me when searching for topics and/or information! I find it a very hand tool for content development!

Google Keyword Research Tool

Much like using Google Suggest, when doing keyword research I sometimes come across words or phrases I hadn't considered beforehand! When this occurs I simply click on whatever word or phrase has caught my interest and it takes me to a new window with information relevant to the words! This is another great way to find new ideas and it doesn't disrupt your keyword research since as I stated, it opens up a separate window! This particular tool therefore can serve a dual purpose in your business marketing strategy!

Creating content when working online is normally an important and thus included component of any business marketing strategy! When you consider that written text is the primary means of communication on the internet this makes perfect sense. It is therefore almost mandatory that businesses operating online establish some type of workable content development strategy. The discussion above reviews 3 ways in which marketers can make use of free Google tools when writing content! Considering that Google is the dominant search engine on the internet it would seem they would also be the perfect choice for you to incorporate into your content development strategy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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