When creating content online always remember that every reader has a different definition of what 'value' means to them! When writing content it is unrealistic to expect to be 'all things to all people' but on the other hand you do want to compose something you know others will have an interest in reading! The point here is you can't expect to please everybody all the time but by changing up your content delivery you should be able to appeal to a broader audience! The delivery we speak of here is 'how' what you compose comes across to people in the way it's written! Different methods hold a different value for readers so by mixing up your content delivery style you can broaden the appeal and capture a larger audience!

Here are 3 approaches you as a writer can use to create something that most people will have an interest in reading!


Nearly everybody likes to learn about anything new pertaining to their personal interest which makes writing content that teaches and/ or informs popular! This particular strategy can be somewhat of a challenge due to the research involved and the reality that there may not always be something new to report! Having said that however it is hard to go wrong with this particular content delivery style since if you got something new or unique, it's bound to be very popular with your viewers!


By taking a very popular topic and approaching it with a controversial twist or opinion you are bound to capture the attention of some people! Anybody who is familiar with the subject you have chosen will likely have an interest in reading what you wrote. Whether they agree or disagree with your perspectives or opinions they will still want to see what you have to say! In most cases people are wondering if there is something new they can learn and they will never know unless they view what you have presented them! Always keep in minding when writing content that half the battle is capturing the attention of viewers. When working online this battle can be somewhat tougher due to the immense selection people have which therefore makes this a great approach!


Consider for a moment how many people do you know that do NOT like to be encouraged? Exactly! Offering encouragement or motivation to others is much like offering candy to children at Halloween, you would be hard pressed to see anybody turn it down! Just about everybody can benefit from and does appreciate encouragement no matter what stage of their life or profession! If you're able to supply encouragement to others you'll likely find a large following who has an interest in reading what you have composed!

When creating content for online use it's important to recognize not everything you author will always be widely poplar! This is more a reflection on a persons preference for the style of content delivery than it is of the quality! As we discussed above some people are looking to learn while others enjoy encouragement or intrigue! Since it is not always possible to combine all these approaches when writing content the next best things is to 'alternate' their use. As an writer in doing so you are now able to gain a broader appeal with viewers which of course means a larger audience! When using this strategy online for marketing purposes, the more people who have an interest in reading what you composed, the better your results!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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