Each and every day we need to be committed to claiming our worth, which will empower you and in, therefore, help you show up more fully to serve those that you are meant to.

Make a commitment today to choose 1 empowering strategy and put it into practice TODAY!

1. Get Active! Nope I don't mean hit the treadmill (although this does help make you feel more empowered!) I'm talking about quit playing small. Quit hiding behind the computer and endless to-do lists . . . Just get out there. Stretch yourself to conduct that teleseminar. Reach out to Joint Ventures, partnerships that you wouldn't usually. Stay open. Be curious. Go back and ask past clients for business. Decide that you truly are worth every ounce of what you desire.

2. Remember . . . You are doing the world a disservice by not sharing your services and/or products with those that need them.

3. Begin to price your services based on their worth and value versus time.

4. Invest in YOU: YES, all of the best coaches have COACHES! Learn to expand and share that knowledge with your students.

5. Set boundaries: Quit trading services, quit working with clients that suck your energy out of you, get rid of the drama, schedule time for YOU and don't respond to every person who asks for your help because you work from home - set your perfect hours and keep them.

6. Surround yourself with support: This goes from everything from those that support you personally to getting assistance within your business.

7. Remember the treadmill comment above? Well, YES take time to exercise & eat right. This by far will make you feel good and help you show up at your best for your clients.

I LOVE you! I Believe in YOU! Get out there and help the people you are meant to!!!

Author's Bio: 

Debra Larson is a Transformation & Wealth Coach, founder of Simply Wealthy by Debra. Debra, an award winning coach, empowers highly conscious women entrepreneurs around the world on how to turn their own true gifts, passions and purpose into a profitable, meaningful business thru simple, doable, yet result driven concepts and systems. She prides herself in helping her clients achieve transformational results by weaving timeless truths and Universal Laws with mastery marketing counsel, teaching on everything from mindset to marketing that assists you in growing yourself while empowering you to fulfill your life's purpose. You can find out more about Debra and get free tools, tips and steps to becoming simply wealthy in your business & in life at: www.DebraLarson.com