Winters and fall is the official weather for long and tight shoes! All spring and summers we flaunt our bright color floaters and slip-on but as the weather starts getting cold, we all start shopping for shoes that keep our feet warm. Now while shopping for any type of shoes, especially for men who claim to have not many fashion options, the shoelace is an important factor. Shoelaces designed on the shoes play an important role in how comfortable the pair is.

Fashion vs. Fusion

If you look for comfort more than creating a fashionable impression then you should go for the Straight laced shoes. If you are someone who prefers a clean and simple look with no experiments then straight laces on your shoes are the perfect blend. Either you are attending a corporate seminar or catching up in a family wedding, formal shoes with straight laces are the perfect way of turning heads in awe.

For women, if you are going on a trek/hiking or a trip to hills, straight laces on your shoes keep the grip tight. With the straight laces, you can move around easily especially the sloppy areas or while climbing a hill. These days you can even find Straight-laced shoes designed specifically for women that can be worn both at corporate events and a personal get together.

Perks of Straight laced shoes

Straight laces are known to be the epitome of a neat and tidy look. If you are wondering, how a mere simple lace can create a big difference in the type of shoes you wear, then you should check the below-given pointers.

• Straight lace shoes give your feet an uncluttered look and go perfectly if you are up to some big corporate meeting with your employers.

• Next comes the time you save on tie your shoes. As humans, we take forever time to do things that we already know and is least time taking. Tying up your shoelaces is one of them. Getting late to work or have to catch a school bus, don’t we all waste time to tie our laces? Straight laces are simple and easy to tie, giving us one more reason to buy shoes with straight laces.

• Straight lace shoes usually come with formal wear or something not too clumsy. And if you are someone not too fashion cautious, it would save all your time to buy one pair of shoes. You can easily get it in any store.

• Unfortunately a lot of men no matter how grown up they are, still juggle with tying shoelaces and then get late for their importance to do things. Buying shoes with straight laces make it easy for any type of beginner who is still trying to learn this art.

• Straight lace shoes do not leave many options to create your creative style of pairing shoes, but you can always try to place the laces in the holes differently and then repeat the same pair but with something new every time.

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