Food is any product consumed to supply nutritional benefits to the body. It can be from plant or animal origin. It supplies essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins. In a modern and busy life, a human body keeps on searching a food that fills the appetite. Food has got a new meaning of just to fill the empty stomach. This type of modern mind set has invited many deficiencies in a human body. With the passage of time and reducing body resistant level, these deficiencies get converted in to major diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart stroke, nerve damage, blindness, etc.

Tracking to these problems, the researchers has identified few food items which helps in creating body resistance stronger and labeled them as “Health Food”. Health food is basically a food item that gives extra nutritional benefits. It is 100% Natural and based on food therapy. It can be considered as the Nature’s medicine to human race. With the proper and continuous consumption, many deficiencies can be cured.

M/s Health treat Agro foods under their flagship brand named “Active Aayu” has introduced a wide range of 100% natural health food for all the ages. The products are manufactured under guidance of professional doctors and food scientist. The manufacturing plants are ISO certified, which assures the quality levels and high safety standards. The manufacturing plants are set-up under the guidelines of Health ministry and under the guidelines of Agmark.

The products introduced under “Active Aayu” range of health food, are basically catering to the diabetic patients. The products includes the anti-diabetic (wheat less) Atta, Karela Powder, Amla Powder, Jamun powder etc. These products are rich in dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, etc. The firm is a leading manufacturer and provider of these 100% natural food for diabetic people. The products have seen massive demand in domestic market. With the modernization of manufacturing units, the firm is all set to establish their international presence, in major European countries. The technical expertise has helped the firm to grow in multiple folds. Besides the Diabetic special food, firm’s long term vision goes for launching special “Health Food” for kids, which includes Protein Dalia, High Protein Atta, 100% Natural multi vitamin ready to eat snacks, etc.

With the massive investment in R&D and new product development the firm is creating new benchmarks in “Natural and Health food segment”. The most of revenues comes from direct marketing and retail channels. “The online and virtual selling is where we seek our future course of action”, sources. The firm is expanding PAN India through there distributors channel, which shall be catering even to the remote areas. The vision of the firm focuses on manufacturing the world’s best health food and making it available to match the need of the end consumer.

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