Photo books are often bought from books shops and given as gifts and this is because of the sense of excellence and luxury which they evoke. The thick, rich paper, glossy, high color images and luxury binding all combine to produce an aura of timeless style and class.

If you pick up the photo books on sale in most high street book shops and hold them for a second then the first thing you will notice is bound to be just how very heavy they are. That’s because of the high quality materials used. The paper used to print every individual page will be rich, thick photographic paper, shiny and heavy and the front and back covers will be thick and protective bound with a thoroughness which means the volume will last for many years. A photo book of this kind will usually be dedicated to the work of one particular famous photographer or else a collection of images celebrating a certain place or subject matter.

The fact that the excellence of the image is the whole point of such a book will also be reflected in the printing techniques used, with state of the art technology employed to ensure that every single facet of the original photograph is captured and reproduced. The good news is that these same impeccably high standards can now be applied to the digital photographs which any of us take which rather than being stuck onto the pages of photo albums can now be reproduced and immortalized within bespoke luxury volumes.

The first thing to do when you make the decision to create your photo books online is to choose the actual images which you want to include. Many people take the opportunity to put together a book collecting their favorite baby photographs or else a gift in the form of a ‘This is Your Life’ type volume which gathers photographs from all stages of a person’s life. Once you have chosen the photographs you want to use you just have to upload them to the relevant website and then set about designing your book. The words ‘designing your book’ may sound fairly challenging at first but the software involved when creating online photo books has been built to be as simple as possible. The actual design process actually consists of moving forward one simple step at a time, making relatively small decisions such as the size and shape of the pages, and the layout of each individual page. Once you are totally happy with your book it will be printed to the very highest specifications using the kind of paper and printing techniques associated with professional volumes.

If you do not feel ready to put together an entire bespoke book just yet then why not choose individual images and use them to create photo greeting cards which are perfect for absolutely any occasion. Since you get to select the image from your own collection, you can make greeting cards which absolutely match your personality that of the recipient and the special event in question. Once you have seen the delighted expression on the face of the person opening the envelope,you will never want to go back to shop bought cards again.

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In the per digital age people had to physically stick their photographs into rather shabby photo albums but those days are long gone. Your favorite images and the memories they represent can now be kept safe forever between the pages of online photo books.