Regardless of what industry you’re in something that can position you as a credible expert is packaging your knowledge into high value content. Whether it be a report, article, MP3 or video, content is something that sets you apart from your competition.

Unfortunately, the thought and the creation can be miles apart for many people. Whether it be due to lack of time, not knowing where to start or just needing a nudge to get started, one thing that can be a huge benefit to many experts is
finding a way to get an information piece completed in record time.

Enter PLR (Private Label Rights). PLR is information created by someone else that you purchase with specific rights to the information.

In essence, you are buying information someone else developed that you can use according to the license agreement. In some cases you can sell the information while with other agreements you can only give the information away. You need to know exactly what rights you are purchasing, so you don’t do something unethical or illegal.

PLR is a great option for some people and not such a good one for others.

I love creating my own content. For years, I resisted using PLR primarily because I knew I could develop my own content and because there is a lot of garbage on the market.

The bad rap PLR has gotten is from poorly created information and from those people who purchase the rights to use the information and use it exactly as is.

However, there is high quality PLR you can purchase. As the saying goes, “You usually get what you pay for.”

If you pay $5 for 50 articles you are likely getting garbage. If you pay $50 for one article, you are likely getting a much higher quality of content.

Some time ago I decided to “test” a PLR document. I bought a high quality piece in which I used the content as a guide for the flow of an information product. I rewrote about 50% of the information, added in some of my own original content, added a unique title and sold it as a low-priced report.

What took me about 3 hours to complete reaped more than $1,500 in profit.

However, I have purchased PLR documents in the past that were not worth much of anything to me. It was apparent there was not much thought or care that went into the original information development. This is exactly the reason I have avoided using PLR information.

Another reason it took so long for me to try my hand at PLR is I didn’t fully understand how it all worked. After much research and knowing some people who make a great living with PLR, I realized this is a viable option for many people to create robust content.

It was when I came across something that was of extremely high value (and from someone from whom I have purchased other non-PLR items) that I had complete confidence the rewritten document would be of high benefit to my market.

An excellent resource for PLR is Nicole Dean. She is highly respected in the information-products industry. I personally know Nichole and can recommend virtually anything she makes available as PLR. Google her name to see what she has available.

You can find plenty of places to get PLR by doing a simple Google search with the words “PLR information for sale.”

Why not give PLR a try? You may find this is a viable way to put information to market or you may find it just doesn’t resonate with you.

Let’s assume you decide PLR is the way for you to go. Let’s also assume you purchase rights to an eReport. Here are some things you can do to get the most out of your investment.

Edit the report

Editing the original information you purchase is a must do if you want to have a top-notch end product that has your “voice” in it.

You can add more information, extract information, combine it with other PLR information and create your own original info-products.

You can also take a portion of the report and create ezine articles, blog posts, autoresponder mailings, Twitter tips, and follow-up tips to the main report.

Ezine articles

Let’s say your report is 3,000 – 4,000 words. You can split this up into 300 – 500 word articles for a very effective article-marketing campaign. Take portions of the report, add some content to the front end and back end, and add in a resource box promoting the full report.

A word of caution; many online article directories do not accept content that has any amount of PLR in it. So avoid submitting PLR to a directory that clearly does not accept PLR filled articles.

Blog posts

This would be very similar to turning the report into ezine articles. You can alter the postings slightly from what you have in the articles for even greater value for your investment.

Autoresponder mailings

Take portions of the report and put them into an autoresponder drip process. What this simply means is people can subscribe for the information and regardless of when they subscribe they will receive the information in a specific order.

Twitter tips

What could be easier than taking short tips from the report to add to your Twitter messages?

Follow up tips

When someone purchases the report, you can use portions of the report as follow-up tips. Let your subscribers know you are sending some of the most important pieces of information from the report as a way to reinforce the information.

Record the information and sell it

This one tip can give you incredible return for your initial investment in the PLR report. Once you rework the information to your liking, you can record yourself reading the content to create your own MP3 audio products.

You can sell, giveaway or bundle the recording as a bonus gift. Why not add the recording to the original report to increase the value which means you can increase your asking price?

Add the reports to a membership site

A nice “added value” for a membership site is to occasionally give away your final version PLR reports.

With low-priced membership sites, you can offer the reports at a substantial discount rather than giving them away. Make sure your members know they are getting a great deal. Also, make the special price a limited-time offer. This will encourage fast sales and generate some nice added revenue.

It’s amazing how much added revenue you can enjoy with this strategy. For example, if the “to the public” price point is $17 you can offer your members the report for $10 for 48 hours.
In conclusion

As you can see there are ample ways you can benefit from PLR products. You are only limited by your imagination. But as has been mentioned previously, you need to be very clear on what you can and cannot do.

By the way, this blog post is NOT PLR. This is all my own original content.

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