Considering that business blogs are created with the intent to make money doesn't it make sense to make them user friendly? The blogging business can be and is very competitive therefore it stands to reason that the site should be developed with the blog reader in mind. Their visits should be positive experiences that include making the site easy to navigate. Site visitors should also be greeted with a layout that shouts 'welcome' or 'come back' since their loyalty will be what determines the success of the business itself.

Here are 5 details that need to be considered when creating a blog with the intention of earning an income from it.


It is always a good idea to categorize any content you post to the site. This makes it much easier for both the search engines and site visitors to find what they are looking for. Another benefit of categorizing your post is that you make older posts more readily available for viewing.

Easy to Subscribe

The point of creating a blog is to gain a loyal following to which you can promote goods and services if earning an income is your intention. With that said you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to return to your platform. Be sure to prominently locate a subscribe button so people can pick up your rss feed.

Useful Content

Never forget that people come to your site for the content you post and not to be sold anything. It is therefore important to maintain your focus on continually creating and posting content that is useful to your readers.

'Clean' Layout

Do not 'crowd' your site with too many distractions such as banners ads or other forms of advertising like pop ups since this can be annoying to visitors. As just mentioned above reader satisfaction is your top priority and pummeling them with sales pitches is not the way to keep them happy.
Maintain a layout that is easy to navigate with a clean and professional appearance that is easy on the eyes. Remember your blog is a place of business and not a 3 ring circus!

A Little About 'You'

Make easily available to all visitors a little background information about you or your business. Now you do not need to go in much detail here but share with people a little about your experience and how it relates to the theme of your site. Also make clear your intentions insofar as to why your blog was created and what you hope to achieve.

Business blogs are all about making money therefore 'extra' attention needs to be given to the ease, convenience and comfort of site visitors. Being that the blogging business can be very competitive certain details must be addressed when first creating a blog intended as a marketing platform. Yes money is a priority with these sites however the top priority remains the blog reader upon whom the business will be built. 5 details in particular should be addressed from day one on the blog and are discussed above. By making your site comfortable and pleasing to any and all visitors you will be increasing your chances of their return. With this loyalty you can then build yourself a viable and profitable blogging business.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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