We are amazingly creative Beings! We are playing a brilliant game of hide and seek with our Selves. Now is the time to say...
"Alli, alli, all come free!"

Starting from Source, we fragmented our energies, separating, forgetting, and lowering our frequencies. Osiris/Ahrazu calls this the Outbreath of Creator. Grand forces separated into Great Beings which have been called your Higher Self, Greater Self or Oversoul, to name a few. These Beings came to Earth and fragmented into individual Souls, which entered into incarnation. Within each Soul are more separate parts, including the mind and body, different lives, and even smaller aspects like the inner child, inner man, inner woman, rebel and critic. We have also created aspects for different roles in our lives like child, student, lover, spouse, parent, teacher, etc. For eons of time these parts have been mostly unaware of the other parts. Now we are in an Inbreath period, we are re-membering our lost parts, uniting and raising our frequencies.

This gives us an opportunity to use the energies of those lost parts in some very interesting in fun ways. You can create aspects that have talents, abilities, and energies that are lacking in your current experience. These aspects can help you to create the life that you desire. Think about it, at some time in the multitude of lifetimes that you have experienced, you have had all the talents, abilities and skills that are possible. Now, all you have to do is access those abilities!

This is different from the fragmentation that we experienced during the Outbreath, because you do not forget these parts. Instead, you stay in contact with them and ultimately you assimilate these energies into your ever-expanding Self.

Rather than thinking up an aspect that would fit with your logical mind, instead let your unconscious mind provide you with some possibilities.

How to Create an Aspect

Think about what you would like to have help with and feel how a being with the abilities and talents would feel.
Send an invitation for support out in an expanding wave of that feeling.
You will be interviewing applicants. Where would you like to hold the interviews? Create a rich environment using all your senses. Are you inside or outside? Is it warm or cool? Are there any smells or sounds, perhaps birds are chirping or you can smell the leather on a couch. It is important to really develop your environment as it keeps your focus on the language of the unconscious mind, senses, emotions and pictures. This is the part that stores the majority of your experience, belief systems and long-term (including past life) memories.
Once you have a full environment created you can start interviewing the applicants. Don’t try to imagine them, or create them mentally, instead, wait to see what will show up.
How do you feel about this applicant? Perhaps they will bring you a resume. What’s on the resume is in pictures (unconscious language) instead of words (logical mind language). There could be a bar graph showing their commitment to you or perhaps a pie chart showing their colors. Learn more about life colors here.
If this one isn’t quite right (too hot, too cold, too soft, too hard?) then thank him and send him on his way. You need to feel good about the aspect. If it seems that he is capable, but you don’t like him, you relationship won’t work really well.
Once you find an applicant who is “just right”, open communications with him and keep the communications flowing. You can ask for advice, send him do work, let him give you a massage. Example: If you have an aspect to help you with money, you can write a list of possible projects and ask your money-aspect to choose the best ones. It works better if you wait a little while after writing and then fold the page so that you can’t read the list. This way the information is out of the short-term memory (logical mind) and into long-term (unconscious mind).
You are not required to keep this aspect if he isn’t doing the job well enough or you needs/desires change. You can let him go, with gratitude.
Last but not least, have fun with this!

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Biermann is an internationally renowned Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel, and is the founder of ImagiCreation. Clairvoyant and highly empathic, she works directly with the language of the unconscious mind to clear and transform limiting beliefs, implants, past life material and much more. Sarah can be reached at: sarah@limitless-one.com
Please visit Sarah's website, www.limitless-one.com for free articles and channels, audios, videos, teleseminars and events. Experience the Golden Mesh and the Un-create Wormhole, a powerful guided process to clear out unwanted energies from your system.