No matter if you are a marketing newbie, or if you're a marketing vet, you've heard of the term squeeze page before. Also, you've also heard of the term landing page.

These two can be used to mean the same thing, but the fact is that a landing page is the place where the customer enters your site. So, a squeeze page can be used as the landing page. The smart marketer will use this method.

The squeeze page will have a place for them to enter their email address. To reward the visitors for entering in their email address, the customer will get a freebie product, or a newsletter. This is why you want to include an opt in box on the website. The squeeze page captures information, as well as gives out information. When you capture email addresses, you now have a way to keep the communication going between your visitors, and yourself.

The other purpose of the squeeze page is to build you a long and solid list of email addresses, otherwise known as your "list". To make sure that you create a squeeze page that isn't too salesy or swarmy, don't overwhelm the page with a bunch of sales copy. You only want a couple of hot headlines.

Discuss the features and the benefits of your products and services in a way that is sympathetic, empathetic, relateable. Use lots of crisp, short text. Use bullet points. Ask for their email addresses.

Keep your eye out on the results. If your website traffic is up, but people aren't opting in, then your page needs work. You need to play around with the different elements of the page, and the text, in order to get people to opt in to your list.

Make sure that people can plainly see your opt in box. Don't use the squeeze page for your hard sell. Use your newsletters and sales letters to do the selling, after they have provided you with their information.

Do a little experimentation: Try out a short report against a weekly newsletter. See which one works better with regards to building your list. The campaign that gets you more of a response is the one that you should be using.

Finally, add an opt in box to your blog. You can simply add this in with a text widget. Make sure that people can see your opt in box, and that you make the effort appealing as well.

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