Today I welcome you all to begin your life anew. To begin it as though you were your own personal creator. What would you choose to have your life be? How would you create your self from appearance to attitude, from happiness to success? Today we start a five part series that will help you to truly do just that – help you to CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFE!

As in our series Turn Your Life Around, I am beginning this series with the foundation. And what I consider to be the foundation to your entire life is Health. When we approach the topic of health many limit it to be what they think of when asked “How are you today?” They limit it to their immediate feelings of wellness, or usually lack thereof. How many of you really feel okay today? How many are experiencing distress, aches, pains, disease? And how many are experiencing diagnosed diseases?

Much of our societal focus resides in this venue of health. We cannot open a magazine, watch television or listen to the radio without being inundated with advertisements for “health” products – take this pill, this elixir, this treatment and you will regain your health. Over $78 billion in prescription and over-the-counter medicines are produced each year in the United States. Now I do not wish to focus on (nor belittle) the medicines nor the symptoms that created the need for the medicines. What I want to focus on is creating NOW your PERFECT HEALTH!

I believe true health involves far more than what we are perceiving as our feelings. Medical science may look at our health as being the mental or the physical. Alternative healers may look at health as the mental, the physical and the spiritual. I wish to look at health as an active composite of all of those three, however, let us not segregate into these three. Actually our health is not this composite, but is a reflection of all that we have experienced - physically, mentally and spiritually – and stored in our outer shell, stored in our bodies. Let me repeat that last phrase – stored in our bodies.

What is stored then reflects back to us as though it were our true self. It can be so convincing that we often take it to be reality. We take on this reflection as ourselves. How many of you when asked how you are respond with these first two words “I am…”? These two words are in actuality the most powerful words in our language. Whatever words follow these are given the power to become a “life creation” in and of itself. “I am sick, I am fat, I am hurting…”, none of these are accurate. Who you are, who we all are can only be our God self. So beginning today let us take time to recreate who we are now – to replace that “being” – the one that is reflecting our life as though it were a storage facility - with one that is a true reflection of our innate. Let us all become as God created us, not what we made of ourselves.

Sit still in a comfortable location, free from any distractions. Now imagine your whole self as a brilliant pure light. Make this visualization as strong as you can, to the point where you sense it not just see it. While sitting become that beautiful, pure, brilliant light. Visualize this light self as being able to step out side of your body, step away from your body and view it from a slight distance. When you can comfortably do this you become aware of the sense – the truth – that you are not your body. You are able to view this body that you have created – from all that you have experienced and stored within – as just that. I want you to clearly see all that your body has become. . Look without any judgements – without any sense of attachment. You can begin to see from your pure light self that your body has indeed become a reflection of what you have created your life to be – not a reflection of your TRUTH.

Next I want you to return your light self to your body, just as if you were putting your body back on as an article of clothing. Now think of your body and see it in the most beautiful way that you can: in the most perfect of health, the most beautiful of shapes, the most perfect weight, the most beautiful face, the most beautiful thoughts, the most perfect entirety. Take on this vision and superimpose it over what you are currently wearing as a body. Make this new image as strong as you can so that when you see your self in the mirror this is the new image that you see. Let this image become so strong that it creates – invokes in you – the full impact of feeling this newly created self. Feel this throughout the day all day, and let nothing take this away from you – not your self doubts, not your medications, not your bathroom scale, not your close ones comments.

Treat this newly created self as though it were a new born, an infant, for in truth it is. Feed it constantly – from your Light Self. Embrace it constantly – from your feelings. Love it constantly – from your heart. Be it constantly – from your knowing. Understand with all that you are, that you are this truth, not the body that was but the storage facility of your life’s experiences. You not only are this new vision, but you are from this moment forward allowing only this vision to be your reflection. And yes, it is that indeed – for now you are reflecting from your true self, your TRUTH SELF. Let all that you are BE only all that you ARE.

And in closing, watch all that comes from your lips when you say “I am…” Let it also only be a reflection of what you are in your light self, your spirit self, your Truth Self.

In Love & Light,

Ada Marie

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An impassioned speaker and teacher, Ada Marie has:

• produced and starred in thirty-two television shows in the United States, and appeared in six English television productions.
• was a featured guest on numerous radio shows in Texas, Florida, New York, and California.
• developed a complete video home study program designed to assist individuals in bringing creativity into their life.
• authored and self-published five books – with her sixth in the works.
• created the acclaimed “Progressive Relaxation” method.
• conducted – for 20 years - the “Sedona Retreats”, held in the heart of Arizona’s 1.8 million acre Coconino National Forest.
• continues to hold personal daily counseling sessions, seminars and one-on-one retreats at her Golden Oracle property in Oracle, Arizona.

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