Happiness & love are the most sought after of all our gifts in this world. Some may chase fame & fortune, but most would find that the former emotions will serve when nothing else can. In our second part to Creating Your Perfect Life we are going to delve into what allows these wonderous emotions to be permanent fixtures in your new life.

In Part II of our series Turn Your Life Around we addressed the most important key to having happiness and love and that is forgiveness. We learned in our “Health” article that most of us have been using our bodies as reactionary storage facilities. As we proceed through our lives various – often many – things and of course people will upset us, will cause us pain, will cause us harm, and we may react to such circumstance with anger. Anger fits with several other emotions – jealousy, resentment, hatred – as the most deleterious energies we can experience. What happens in our bodies when we are actually emoting any of these?

With all negative emotions our “natural processes” respond in various ways – our breathing is affected, our heart rate, our blood flow, our detoxifying organs even go into a state that prevents the natural rhythm and flow to happen. Note that I find anger to be the constant in all cancers. If we react to situations with such AND we allow these emotions to take up residency within our bodies, our cells, we are basically choosing to harm ourselves.

These emotions – if vented against a source of anxiety – may cause harm to that source, that person, for a small amount of time. But when we harbor the emotions, internalize them, and continue to fret and relive any negative situations, we are feeding the emotions just as if they were house guests. And what guests are going to leave when such a hospitable home has been offered them – free room and board!

Forgiveness is the remedy to cleanse our bodies – and I mean by that our entire human self. Forgiveness of others, but mostly forgiveness of ourselves. When we find our selves experiencing any LACK of happiness and/or love, that is our first warning sign that something is amiss. It is the indication that we are blocking, stopping, disallowing the flow – the NATURAL flow – of what is good.

Let me elaborate on this. Happiness and love are often considered to be fleeting, inconsistent, non-tangible emotions that we can only hope to experience sometimes, inconsistently, fleetingly. I am here to tell you different. Happiness and love are constants. They are the natural God given state that all of God’s creations should experience 100% of the time. And, yes, I did say should – let me also phrase that as could. Happiness and love are God’s truth flowing through you, in you, as you always. Therefore it is only natural to experience them ALWAYS.

When you are not experiencing these key CONSTANTS it is time to clean house. It is time to get clear with yourself, within yourself, as to what negative emotions you are harboring – hosting – within your structure. This takes very strong determination and diligence to truly come clean and to truly get clear with yourself. In this it is not meant to be a tedious, self-deprecating process; it is to be kind, non-judgemental and freeing with and of yourself.

As we went through an empowering and cleansing meditation in the Turn Your Life Around series Part II, I will ask you all to refer back and perform this meditation for at least the prescribed 7 days. This is the kindest, most powerful way to be cleansed, clarified, purified and to purge any and all negative emotions that are keeping you from receiving and being the truth that is God given. As you perform this meditation you will begin to feel the natural flow of light and lightness increasing in you daily. And this in and of itself is the proof positive that you are letting go of all that you no longer – and actually never did – need to carry ever more.

Once a cleansing is done, what has been cleansed can never return. However, I will provide caution that if you allow thoughts to lead you back to where you once were, you do not return to the same place but you reintroduce the negativity as if you were re-exposing yourself to a toxin, a poison. You may also find that there exist multiple layers to negativities from the past. Continue to use the meditation – daily, for there is nothing stronger, nothing better.

Do not allow any negativity to take over your body again, to take over your life. Any time – night or day – use the meditation to clear you. Know that you are not just recreating your life, you are Creating Your Perfect Life. And know in doing the meditation, always know, that the light of God coming through never fails – the light of God never fails.

In Love & Light,

Ada Marie

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