One of the most important steps to Creating Your Perfect Life is to take the time to know and acknowledge the talents that you came here to use. When we come into our bodies, into our lives, we arrive with many specific properties and propensities. We come with a certain eye color, a certain hair color, a specific body and face shape, many specific ways of operating from our brains to how we use our bodies. And, yes, we come with talents. I believe that many of us come with more than one; often with three or four…and then there are those few unique individuals that come with eight, ten, or more!

In my latest accompanying video clip for our Part III presentation, I shared a story about a very strong and knowledgeable four year old, who knew from the get-go exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. This appears rather infrequently, however, as many are often unaware of what their talents are. How can this be, you might ask…well, our development is often directed by others. Especially when we are children and are completely reliant on others for our care. That care, no matter how loving it might be – or might not be - can be quite derelict in noticing and as such nurturing any specific talent, or talents, we might have.

Parents or guardians are often following the dictates they received upon growing up – dictates that directed them to seek a career not based on their talents, but on the merits of the career itself. Did the given career path provide fame and/or did it provide fortune? These criteria were far more vital than if the career met and used anyone’s specific talents. It is a rare albeit great happening that in the development and schooling of a child, a teacher or professor may notice and indeed nurture a child’s major talent, and may even provide the mentoring and direction that assists that child in living to their utmost potential.

However, the majority of the time life gets in the way of truly living, and careers are sought to provide sustenance over anything else. Having just completed my last series “Turn Your Life Around” we are here and now ready to take charge – to do what is necessary - to NOW “Create Your Perfect Life”. And I am here to tell you it is never too late to do just that. It is never too late to pick yourself up - no matter what age you are, no matter your economic status, no matter your location - and to take the time to evaluate your talents if you are currently not living where you are utilizing them.

You may be currently employed, but do not let that stop you from honestly exploring your talents, meeting your desires, and above all else using your talents. It may even be advantageous to have held several different types of employment that have allowed you to evaluate what you are capable of accomplishing. Even in the case of having held several jobs with none utilizing your true talents, each moment is a new opportunity to begin anew.

I have had clients in the past tell me that they have searched and found they had NO talents – they couldn’t sing, they couldn’t dance, they couldn’t cook, they couldn’t find ANYTHING they thought of as a talent! But did you know that talents are not just actions and activities? Who you are and how you are can be just as valuable as how you perform. There are many needs for people who are naturally good at being friendly…or who are naturally good at being empathetic…or who are incredible caretakers capable of applying compassion to all they do.

Begin by finding your quiet space – again a place where interruptions will not occur. Sit yourself down with pencil and pad in hand and lay out your paper so that you will have room across for four vertical columns. In the first column make a list of all you currently do – day in and day out. Include even the mundane tasks such as “fixed dinner for family of _” and “took out the trash”. In the next column list the emotion that comes to mind when looking at the task performed, i.e. liked, disliked, enjoyed, felt giving…In the third column list what you believe you did best in each item, as in “timed the cooking of all dishes well”. And lastly, in the fourth column list any possible occupation that might stem from combining all.

You might have an entry that looks like this: 1. fixed dinner… 2. enjoyed…3. timed the cooking of all dishes well…4. cook, chef, caterer…And yes, as noted above, there is importance in the listing of mundane tasks such as taking the trash out. Through this you might find you LOVE to clean and to organize, and find that you would truly thrive at doing this for a living – you might find in your fourth column you are journeying all the way from listing careers that range from janitorial to housekeeper, to daring to dream of starting your own business as a home organizer! Trivialize nothing for this is a mission of exploration and a time for you to get to know parts of YOU you did not know existed.

Enjoy exploring yourselves, enjoy Creating Your Perfect Life!

In Love & Light,

Ada Marie

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An impassioned speaker and teacher, Ada Marie has:

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• authored and self-published five books – with her sixth in the works.
• created the acclaimed “Progressive Relaxation” method.
• conducted – for 20 years - the “Sedona Retreats”, held in the heart of Arizona’s 1.8 million acre Coconino National Forest.
• continues to hold personal daily counseling sessions, seminars and one-on-one retreats at her Golden Oracle property in Oracle, Arizona.

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