When creating a blog post do you ever wonder what is about your entries that attracts the readers or keeps them coming back? The content of your blog entries are very important towards keeping your visitors satisfied. There are however other 'characteristics' a blog reader finds appealing when reviewing the content of any site that should NOT be overlooked.

Here are 5 writing guidelines you can use for your blog posting to increase the appeal of your entries and ensure the satisfaction of your visitors.

Reflect Your Opinion

If the topic of your post allows for opinions let yours be known. Your readers are interested in where you stand on certain issues even though they may not always agree with you. Sharing opinions also invites the reactions or comments of readers and interaction is major contributing factor to the popularity of blogs.

Say More in Fewer Words

Look at your blog entries before you post them to see if you can consolidate your thoughts better. Learning to say more in fewer words will benefit both you and the blog reader. You will have less to type and they will have less to read!

Attention Grabbing Headline

It is not always possible to produce catchy headlines but when you can let it fly. Otherwise take measures to ensure your headlines are at least accurately descriptive of the content. Remember your readers use the headlines to help them determine if they want to invest any further time in reading.

Easy to Read Format

When blog posting always consider your layout insofar as how easy it is to read. For instance avoid large blocks of text by making paragraphs and sentences short. Also use sub-titles or bullet points in the body of your post since it is easier to scan, follow or reference the content.

Layouts like these also help to reduce the eye strain that is common when reading off computer screens.

Check Your Spelling

Before submitting any of your posts go back and check to be sure your spelling is correct. There is no reason to not do so except for haste or laziness and while you are at it also proofread your work to make sure it sounds right. You may not catch all the errors but you can minimize them with a little diligence on your part.

Content is a chief consideration anytime you are creating a blog post but the way in which you 'deliver' your message is of equal importance. The blog reader looks for consistency and also an easy to view format when they are scanning blog entries. Your tone and layout most definitely have an influence on the overall appeal of your blog posting to any visitors new or returning. The 5 writing guidelines we reviewed here today offer suggestions that help to put more of an individual 'stamp' on your content while also making it easier to read. Both of these traits are something that will serve to help increase the appeal of your blog thus keeping your readers satisfied and returning.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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