Creating a blog that attracts traffic involves much more than just getting visitors to stop by your site. The blog traffic that lands on your site wants content that is of interest and displayed in a way that is easy to view. In addition the blog reader wants to know a little about the author of the content insofar as their personality and motivations. Most popular blogs take the time to share not only information but also their opinions or perspectives when it is applicable. It is things like this that help to 'humanize' the blog and make it all the more appealing for the blog reader.

Here is a look at 5 aspects of your blog that if set up properly will make for a more comfortable experience anytime visitors hit your site.

Show YOUR Personality

If you got an opinion or different perspective you want to share than do it because your readers likely are interested. This way they get a chance to know where you stand and it helps them to also know what to expect from you.

Remember that blogs are the closest thing on the internet to being living and breathing entities due to the ability to leave comments and interact. This is what makes them so popular so 'embrace' the spirit and show a little attitude if you are so inclined. This is expected and accepted!

About You

Give the blog reader a little 'insight' into who you are. Tell them why you are blogging and what your intentions are with the blog. What purpose are you trying to serve and what they can expect from you. Besides if you expect any blog traffic to visit and read your posts it would be rude to NOT introduce yourself to them.

Easy to Scan

Do not 'jam' up your blog with large blocks of text because this creates eye strain and is intimidating for anyone who first lands on you page. You want to present an enjoyable experience for your visitors and not 'force' them to navigate through an 'ocean' of words. Keep paragraphs and sentences as short as possible.
Format your post in a way that will make it easier for the blog reader to scan. Use lists or bold subtitles that help people easily review the content and get the 'jist' of your message.

Useful Content

Remember you do blog for the readers so always aim to be helpful. Whether your strengths are humor, adding insight, being quirky or simply presenting useful information always aim to serve a purpose for the blog reader.

Use Visuals

The use of visuals helps to reinforce a point or message that is found in the text. By incorporating social media tools such as video or audio you can also add content other than that found in text.

Strategically placing graphics within the body of your content also serves to alleviate eye strain by breaking up large blocks of content. This offers a haven for the blog reader to rest their eyes which helps to minimize the strain associated with reading off a computer screen.

When you are creating a blog it is always wise to keep the ease and comfort of the blog reader in mind. Subtle things such as a little insight into your own motivations for blogging or perhaps a more 'user friendly' layout add enormous appeal. The 5 aspects of a blog which we touched upon above can make a huge impact on the amount of blog traffic you are able to attract and retain. It is no coincidence most popular blogs pay close attention to theses areas to ensure readers have satisfying experiences each time they visit. The point is you want your site to deliver your content in a manner that is appealing and comfortable for the blog reader. Remember their satisfaction will ultimately be your satisfaction as well knowing that your efforts are effective and appreciated!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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