Any business, large or small, needs to be clear of its goals before coming up with a business plan. If your business is just starting, you would naturally want your goal to project out for years. You can start by stating your current position and determine where you want your business to be in a span of a year or so. You can also list your product or services and detail the projected growth of each product you listed. In case you business has already started, you can also do the same thing.

If you are going to make projections, why not make your objectives bigger. You can aim high by wanting to be the largest provider of the product you are selling in your locality. You can also aim of breaking into marketing your product in the global market. You can also have a target income at a specific time. However, these are just long range goals and you have to work hard and wait before getting the results you want. But it is important that your business plan should be specific. You can always set goals that you can compare from the previous year so that you will be able to determine the performance of your business.

For instance, if the sales of your company this year reached $300,000, you can look back to the previous financial period and inspect your current marketing plan. This way you can come up with a reasonable rate of growth for your business.

A business plan usually expands for three years. So if you think your business will have a 10% increase in the next financial year, do you think it can still maintain that number in the following two years? You can make your own intelligent guess. In order to do this, determine which segment of your product is popular to your customers and establish the expected growth in that area for the next two years. It will also help if you consult your staff if there is another demographic your company must be going after.

You have to analyze those ideas and numbers that come along your business planning and avoid throwing them out away. They are important tools in order to realistically map out your operation plan. You can always learn from your business performance in the previous year and make use of new marketing strategy as adjustments for your business to grow.

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