The one thing that people respond to most with eBay auctions is the title. If your title does not attract them, chances are good that you have lost their attention for most of the auction. It does not have to be difficult to create a successful title, though. In short, you want your headline (and your item description for that matter) to produce the right results.

The title of your auction is your advertising first and foremost. From this instant, however the buyer sees you as how he or she will treat you. Here are some tips for pulling off these powerful headlines.

• Be sure to include power words. These draw in people because they have an alluring attraction to them. Use words like Powerful, New, First Class, and Unique in the titles as much as possible, being honest of course.
• Show the buyer why this is their best investment. The best sales material is that which addresses a particular need that the consumer has and offers a solution. You can do this with your title by showing they what it can do for them. Elaborate in the description.
• Definitely research and apply keywords to your titles. This is the best way to get visitors from the searches, one of the most common ways people find what they are looking for on eBay. Take some time to determine what keywords are most relevant to what you are searching for. This will make sure you are on the search result pages.

When creating powerful titles, take full advantage of the 55 characters that eBay gives you. You do need to be creative here. Avoid using all capital letters, but do offer solutions to problems.

"New X Product Solves Carpet Stain Problems Others Cannot"

In this title, for example, the product name is listed (likely, the most searched for term if it is well known.) In addition, the powerful word "new" is used. Finally, another keyword "carpet stain" is included. And, it solves a problem for the reader.

This type of powerful title is what draws your buyer in, so you can further sell to them and see results in your auction.

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