Investing in creative and useful gifts is an interesting strategy for companies, be it to give customers publicity or branding or employees in endo-marketing actions.

For this reason, it pays to make a study of the audience you want to give and so choose creative corporate giveaways Dubaii that are actually used by these people.

To help you, we at the Corporate Gifts have listed 10 gift ideas that can bring good consumer experiences, whether it's holiday time, entertaining or looking after your body. Now check out what they are.

1. Pop sockets
Developed in the United States, Pop Sockets are accessories for tablets, cell phones or any other mobile device.

With circular format, this equipment can be coupled in the smartphones so that the headphones are rolled up, to facilitate the selfies and conversations in the loudspeaker and also to use the cellular in the car, serving like a vehicular support.

2. Pill bottle
In situations like this, the Pill Bottle can be a good solution. In addition to being a useful bottle for you to take water and moisturize, there is still a removable pill organizer with seven compartments.

3. Vase speaker with sensor and Bluetooth
Made of very sturdy plastic, the vase-shaped box with Bluetooth sensor is an excellent choice for those who love to have a decorative plant and still listen to music.

With USB port and lights that also make the equipment look like a lamp, this product should be a success in the decoration.

4. Pencils
It is an ordinary pencil, but with a box of seeds on the top. So when the pencil is gone, the seeds can be planted and become a beautiful flower or tree.

5. Red portable coffee maker
The Coffee Maker is innovative, as well as being portable, it also eliminates the use of paper filters for the preparation of coffee or tea.

So, whoever wins the gift coffee maker can prepare a delicious drink at work, in transit or anywhere, because everything is very fast and practical.

6. Bottle in TNT for bottle
Made in TNT, an easy-to-fold and save-anywhere material, this bottle bag is ideal for bringing drinks to the beach, club or even for a party or barbecue at your friends' house.

7. Inflatable cylinder cylindrical infant float
Giving the children of the company's employees is also a good idea to work with the organization's brand.

Produced in inflatable PVC, the equipment will guarantee the safety and comfort of the small ones in the swimming pools, generating moments of great diversion.

8. Mini plastic refrigerator
Have you ever imagined having a mini fridge to take anywhere? Now this is possible. With four-liter capacity and DC power cable, this equipment is ideal for camping, for example.

9. Penguin-shaped pen-drive
The pen-drives are very useful in the day to day to store photos, documents, music, etc. But what if they are shaped like a penguin? It's certainly a very fun idea.

10. Big personalized gin cup
This glass made of plastic can be personalized with the design or logo of your company, making it very special to celebrate with good drinks with gin.

Now that you've got a handful of creative and useful corporate giveaways Dubai, it's easier to know how to gift your company's employees or customers, is not it? Items that bring comfortable moments, fun or just useful for day to day, are great options for this type of action. That way, just choose yours!

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