Equipped with data management experts and advanced technologies, Creative Biolabs improves drug-drug interactions detection and monitoring methods to shepherd compounds through the drug research and development pipeline.

An in-depth safety assessment is extremely necessary throughout drug research and development process in identifying side effects and proposing corresponding mitigation strategies to avoid severe toxicities in human body before clinical testing.

Drug-Drug interaction (DDI), a critical aspect involved in safety assessment, refers to efficacy or toxicity change of a drug after the use of another. DDI may be pharmacodynamic or pharmacokinetic. Pharmacodynamic interactions occur when the combined use of two drugs leads to additive, synergistic, or antagonist effect, and pharmacokinetic interactions appertain to one drug’s influence on the absorption, distribution, metabolism, or excretion of another drug. Creative Biolabs offers targeted DDI services to control the potential of a compound to cause pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions via the regulation of metabolic enzymes and drug transporters.

Drug metabolism services: Drug metabolism is the bio-transformation and structure change of drugs, and during this process, drugs can be absorbed by and excreted from human body. It occurs in the liver, lungs, gut wall, or blood plasma. Creative Biolabs provides a broad range of metabolic DDI regulation methods by inhibiting and inducing drug metabolic enzymes, such as CYP450 and UGT.

Drug transporter services: Transporters are large proteins located in the plasma membrane of cells which can mediate the cellular uptake and efflux of numerous kinds of drugs and drug metabolites. Transporter-mediated drug–drug interactions (TMDDI) in small intestine, liver and kidney can considerably influence the pharmacokinetics and clinical effects of drugs. Creative Biolabs can conduct full evaluations of TMDDI, including inhibition and substrate assays, to ensure success of pharmaceutical innovation.

Both metabolic enzymes and drug transporters are important mechanisms underlying DDI. To thoroughly observe and accurately regulate drug-drug interactions, Creative Biolabs has developed a rigorous data management system for data collection, statistical analysis, and synthesization of the available information into actionable suggestions. The relative services include database designing, data collection, case report form tracking, discrepancy management, medical coding and data verification, etc.

More information about drug-drug interactions and Creative Biolabs’ drug development data management services can be found at https://dataverify.creative-biolabs.com/

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Ella Bette