Wedding is a very special occasions for everyone both bride and groom has many dream about their marriage. Preparation and planning may start before 3 to 4 months of marriage. In Indian culture guests are known as form of god. So, all people welcome their guests with warm heart. Invitation card also sent to guests to notify them about schedule of wedding.

In Indian culture marriages celebrated as big festival and all family member and friends make everything special for bride and groom. Invitation cards also play vital role in making marriage memorable. You can just impress your guests by sending them beautiful and eye catching invitation card. Some couple chooses invitation cards just after locking the wedding date while some choose last time.

This is wise idea to have invitation cards after fixing marriage date. According to Indian tradition first invitation goes to ganpati bhagwan. Hindu people believe that they must start any work after inviting ganpati maharaj. Different culture’s people have different ritual and traditions. Therefore, Hindu Wedding Cards also come in several categories. People, which lives in south Indian will look towards south Indian wedding cards while other people look at such invitation cards that have image of their culture and religion.

Although invitation card is just for informing our guest about our wedding schedule and other programs, but different people think different about picking best nuptial offer for their invites. Some people believe in picking simple card and some believes in picking antique card for their wedding. Simple cards come with plain paper and also available with handmade paper. These cards just represent your simplicity and your personality. Simple cards can be picking on the theme basis and traditionally look. Designer cards have different images with latest trend and theme. These cards are also available in huge range, style and in theme.

Apart from choosing marriage card you can make other changes in this according to your creativity and your wedding budget. Ornaments loved by all Hindu people, even they demand for several types of jewellery in any function or ceremony. Cards may be decorated using different ornaments, natural stones, flower and ribbons. You can decorate these cards by self or can ask your dealer to decorate your cards. Decorative invitation cards love by all people so you should make happy your guests by decorating cards. Different types of accessories are available in the market that will make your card attractive.

It will have positive impression on your guests if you have creativity in your wedding cards. It will be good to select an invitation card soon so that it can be delivering to all your guests at time. It will help them in scheduling their journey date and advance ticket booking. Your proper guidelines to reach at wedding venue will help them lot so you make sure that you have marked proper address in cards. For your visitors help you can add map or location bar on invitation card.

Generally people decided marriage cards according to the latest trend because they have big budget for wedding. So many designer and latest cards with variety come in market according to user demands. You may also pick such type of wedding cards, this time scroll marriage cards are latest, so don’t miss chance and lock your choice immediately.

Mostly, we think about our guests and their comfortable environment. We need their blessings and good wishes that feel us proud and honored. Selection of an invitation card will drop our first impression on our guests so special caution should take during selection of marriage invitation. Every relation is connected with soft thread so it will be a wise idea to use soft paper for card. Quality of paper must be nice so that everyone praises your selection. You can write your meeting story in your invitation card; this is totally new idea of wedding cards. Definitely, your guests will excite more to see your life partner. In this way they will attract automatically towards you and definitely come for attending your marriage party.

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