With the need comes the need of invention. You start a business and do a good job. You use the good quality raw material and make a perfect product. But is it sufficient to get you product the purchaser? Who knows you have made such a good thing? Here comes the need to promote your product to make them know what you have made. And that is why we see the big-big hoardings on the road side and on the city streets. These hoardings or billboards are not just the informer of the product they also tell something else. They have the power to bring you to the place they belong to means you are willing to go see and look for the product by yourself.

This holds true for a lot of things. No doubt the end product should be good to sustain in the market, but the presentation is equally important in today’s fast paced life where no one is going to sneak into until they see the outlook as fabulous. You get a lot of happy birthday greeting cards but you open the charming ones first. And this is the generally accepted phenomenon that if you are wearing good clothes people will have a good opinion about you until and unless you are notoriously infamous.

If you see a book cover design, you can not tell about the contents within it but still you will like to buy it if it is attractive. The book & CD design not only show the gist of the content inside but it also helps in the selling of the product. And that is why the book publications come with a creative book design each time they sell a new book.

The most common thing you can notice is about a restaurant. You go to a restaurant for a meal. And ideally it should not bother you that how they have designed their menu as it will not feed you. But still you can not resist your eyes to have a look at the restaurant menu card design. And the next time you will go out side for a meal you will see this in effect.

There may be a reason behind the fact that the annual report design of an organization is quite attractive. It is a deliberate effort that even if there are some flaws in the report they can be covered inside the design.

One more design that is in high demand is that of the professional graphic design. The word professional is an indicator of the fact that the design should not only be a representative of the company name but it also should have some profound meaning that is created by a mixture of the text and the colors.

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