For many people, one of the most important rooms in their home is the kitchen. There is good reason for its reputation as the heart of the home. People cook there, eat there, socialize, kids do homework at the table, friends come over for a coffee and a chat. A lot of thought, therefore, goes into its design. From the walls to the furniture, the appliances and yes even the kitchen curtains and how they are hung!

There are more options out there than just your standard wooden or metal curtain rods, so here is a selection to consider so you can find something that best suits your curtains and your kitchen.

  • Metal hooks – One option is to find some old styled coat hooks that you can then attach to above your kitchen window. Then attach some ties or rings to the top of the curtain and use them to hook onto the traditional metal hooks.
  • Spoons – Yes spoons! Take some old fashioned spoons and bend them to create an unusual hook for your kitchen curtains. Use pliers if they do not bend easily and then attach and hang up the curtains. A great way to re-use items rather than throwing things out when they can be re-purposed.
  • Door knobs, either brass or glass – Another great way to take old door knobs and re-purpose them is to turn them into mounted knobs where you can tie or hook on your kitchen curtains. Great for a traditionally styled kitchen.
  • Piping – There are a variety of things that can be used as stylish stand-ins for curtain poles. Copper piping, industrial piping, welded fence rails to name but a few. They give you a sturdy option to hang your kitchen curtains from but can also add a great statement.
  • Forged nails – It does not get much easier than lining up and hammering some forged nails above your kitchen window. Add material loops to the tip of the curtains or add curtain rings that fit the style.
  • Cup hooks – Now yes you could choose to use actual hooks made for hanging up your cups. But you could also use the handles of cups you no longer use! Not many other people will have cup handle kitchen curtain hooks! You can paint them if you want to make them uniform, or have something eclectic.
  • Wire – Simple, but easy and fast. Put up some eye screws that are usually used for hanging up picture frames. Thread the wire through them, put the curtains in place then tighten in the eye screws.

There are a number of other more unusual ways to hang your kitchen curtains. So if you have a creative side, do not want to have a kitchen that looks like everyone else's, or are just wanting to more green in re-purposing items, have a go. Your Short curtains and how you hang them may just become the talking point of your kitchen!

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