These days you can notice some great house renovations in the West London area. These renovations easily catch the eye due to the way in which they have been done. So, let us delve into the ideas that you can implement when going for a house renovation.

  1. Renovating the Fireplace

A grand fireplace easily grabs attention. Though many homes do not have a fireplace, those who have it can make the interior interesting by decorating it with ornate marble or cast-iron. If you do not have a fireplace but have a chimney breast, you can reintroduce one that will add elegance to your home.

You can place the television on the top of the fireplace to give your interior a classy look.

  1. Ideas for the Kitchen

If you have ample space, you can go for renovations as well as kitchen extensions in West London where you can use tiles and glass splashback to make the area look beautiful. You can find plenty of beautiful designer tiles on the market or you can customize them the way you want.

While you are going for extensions, try to use minimal items in the area to make it look clean and clutter-free.

  1. Adding Shelves

This works great if you are planning to use your space for extensions. One or two shelves for books and other items will make the interior look elegant.

A wide variety of shelves are available on the market for installation and you can choose the one that suits your room. But if you are not sure, you can ask an interior decorator to select the right one for you.

  1. Adding a Couch

A comfortable couch is a great addition in a renovation or an extension. You can go for a vintage sofa or with the leather upholstery to make the room look organized. If you do not have space, however, you can add some great looking wooden chairs or poufs for decorating your interior. 

House Renovation

  1. Renovating the Bathroom

In most of the house Renovations in West London, you can see that the bathrooms decorated following the recent trends. If you are in West London you can install a power shower as is the current trend. You can also install a pump if you do not have the required water pressure for installing modern accessories.

  1. Adding Beautiful Curtains

Enticing curtains and window blinds can make the room look great after the renovation. At present, velvet and satin curtains are the most used for interior decoration after the remodelling of the house. So you can try these out.

If you want to experiment with colours, you can try out cotton curtains with floral patterns. To make your room stand out, use curtains with geometric patterns.

  1. Carpets that look Nice

A beautiful carpet adds a premium look to your home after a renovation. Today, trendy rugs are easily available on the market and you can choose one that suits the floor of your room.

Be it the home renovations or kitchen extensions in West London, you can use these ideas to give you interiors a new and enticing look with a premium feel.

Author Bio: The author owns a company that provides house renovations and kitchen extensions in West London intending to give new looks to the interiors.

Author's Bio: 

For transforming your home, you need to have creative ideas. So, here we present to you some ideas that you can implement while renovating your home.