When it comes to creative thinking and spontaneity most of us think that they come naturally. However, this is not totally true! In fact with a highly organized creative thinking techniques and proper approach we can train ourselves to boost our creative thinking. For instance, if you watch those standup comedians carefully, you will notice that they follow a certain methodology. Even the most impulsive ones excel in this field with continuous practice. It is because they constantly make their brains work to find or make humor in different situations.

They are no different from you, so even you can start making your brains think in a creative manner. For that you need to start planting the correct habits in yourself. In fact you can start from today itself by following some simple and straightforward techniques.

Creative Thinking Techniques
Want to think like a creative inventor? Then start revamping everything creatively in your mind. Imagine better light bulbs, quicker ways of serving food or better cars. Once you start thinking this way, you will realize that after three or four weeks it has become a habit.

Have you ever felt that you should be noticed for your interesting talks in front of people? You can become your own tutor and guide yourself to see things the way others look at it. What would have Buddha told about this? How would have Martian viewed it? What will be the opposite perspective of this? But it does not mean to irritate others by asking stupid questions, instead ask yourself and see whether it is interesting enough or not. Make this a habit by doing it daily and soon you will see that you will never run out of interesting things or ideas which you can add while having a conversation.

Do you want systematic creativity in poetry? Start writing a word on each of the 40 cards. 10 should be nouns, 10 should be verbs, 10 should be adjectives and remaining should be random words. Then shuffle the cards and pick up four cards and then write a four line poem by using one of the words from each of the lines. In fact my wife had written poems using this method, and they got published.

Once you start applying this technique you will find a poetic sense in yourself that will make you write often.

Solving Problems Creatively
Have you heard of problem solving methods like "attributes listing," & "concept combination?" However, just knowing about these methods is not enough. You need to make them a part of your life by using it in your daily life.

Just think of a situation where you want to invent a new a bicycle. A mind which is trained in "assumption challenging" will automatically start asking questions like, "Is it necessary to have wheels?" "Do I need to take it outside?" What if I use it indoors and pedal it at one place with a video screen in front? You will find yourself going through different ways if thinking about various scenarios.

creative thinking
It's not necessary that you will always come up with some great idea, but at least you will never run out of ideas and who knows maybe one day you will come across an idea that will completely change your life. This amazing creativity that you feel is because of the training exercise you have been going through. So, why don't you start developing a habit of creative thinking?

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