You step up to the three-point line. The pressure is on as the other team tries to block, but you effortlessly avoid them. The world narrows until all you see is the hoop. You take the shot. The ball floats through the air and drops into the basket…all net.

It’s every basketball player’s dream come true. Whether an NBA All-Star or one of the guys shooting hoops on the block, every player wants to be able to slide past the other team’s defenses, pass with precision and make scoring shots. Now, thanks to the power of creative visualization and relaxation (CVR), that dream may be your new reality.

Methods like sports psychology have helped players in the past, but the prohibitive cost--a hundred or more dollars per hour--put such aids out of reach of all but the wealthy. The field was wide open for a method that would offer a bigger boost in performance at a fraction of the cost.

That’s where CVR comes in.

The key to performance in any sport is practice. Mental rehearsal is one method many successful athletes use to instill skill and muscle memory without spending extra hours on the court. Creative visualization helps athletes picture the perfect play and then step onto the court and achieve it. The relaxation inherent in the process means no stress and no nerves; just calm concentration and motivation.

But can it really be that easy? Can you really visualize it and then realize it?

Apparently, yes. Athletes from the Olympics to the New York Knicks have already experienced positive changes in their games. That’s because CVR helps players eliminate distractions and employ laser-like focus to bring it on the court. Such visualization techniques can help basketball players develop the mind of a champion, transform weakness into strength, and even understand rotation, arch and the motion of release.

Of course, CVR is just one weapon in the arsenal of a truly successful athlete. Many pros also use brain entrainment, or light and sound, technology to enhance the effectiveness of CVR sessions. Such light and sound technology usually comes in the form of glasses and earphones that use finely-tuned light and sound frequencies to synchronize the left and right sides of the brain and produce deeply relaxed brainwave activity.

In technical terms, such brain entrainment technology features deep carrier frequencies. These are the actual sine waves that transport your mind into the deepest meditative states, magnifying the effect of the binaural beats and allowing you to achieve better results in far less time.

That may seem like it’s more in the realm of MIT than the New York Knicks. The bottom line, though, is more internal motivation, better coachability and easy access to the zone…all of which take players from novice to pro at incredible rates.

Most light and sound devices also don’t take an engineering degree to use; you can plug them into any MP3 player. And, 20 minutes in such mind training is equal to four hours of sleep, which helps keep athletes fresh and alert.

Most importantly, when used in combination with CVR audio sessions, brain entrainment helps basketball players to perform at their optimum levels both on and off the court. Play is enhanced by sessions that help athletes learn from the best, read their opponents and review their own performance without regret or self-incrimination.

Every athlete has brilliance inside. Now you can use CVR to bring your brilliance into your life and your game.

Author's Bio: 

Andrea Di Salvo is a freelance writer with more than a decade of writing experience. She works frequently with Dr. Patrick Porter who is the author of a number of books on mind technology including the award-winning Awaken the Genius and his new release, Thrive in Overdrive. He is the creator of the ZenFrames Portable Achievement Device. Learn more at