Looking to promote your business on a budget? Using stickers that reflect the values of your company is one way to build your brand image in a cost-effective manner.
Here are some simple yet creative ways to use stickers to promote your business:

1. Vehicle Branding
Designing stickers for cars is an effective way to get your brand noticed by potential customers. You may use eye-catching bumper stickers, window stickers, and other decals that can stick to the body of a car.
Your product will get subtly marketed as the cars would drive around the city. You can also give out free car stickers to your customers when they purchase a product, so that they can decorate their vehicle with it. Add a call to action by placing your company logo and phone number on the sticker.

2. Event Giveaways
Local events, such as exhibitions, festivals, and concerts, offer great opportunities to showcase your products and services. You can set up a kiosk and offer a free sticker to anyone who shows an interest in your brand.
Make these stickers useful by designing them for practical purposes. For instance, you can have your stickers function as labels for organizational purposes. This way, they can build your brand image while serving a purpose for the user.

3. Store-Front Windows
Stick decals on your store windows so that passersby can notice them. They can be used to announce a sale or simply mention your business hours.
Let people know about special offers or new products through stickers outside your store. Draw in customers using a catchy slogan. Stickers are just as effective for attracting foot traffic as an employee handing out flyers outside your shop.

4. Packaging
If you want to avoid branding your packaging and reduce costs, you can opt for stickers to advertize your business. They are inexpensive and make your simple packaging more interesting.
If you own an e-commerce business, it is a good idea to place creative stickers on the inside and outside of the box to let customers know immediately that the parcel is from your company. Design the inside sticker to contain your contact details and social media handles.

5. Floor Stickers
Use floor stickers to guide customers in the right direction. For example, you can use stickers that lead towards the cash counter or decals to instruct people where to stand and maintain social distancing.
Place stickers to advertise in the parking lot or sidewalks that point to your shop. Make sure you include a call to action, such as a web address, so that people can simply type it into a search bar to learn more about your brand. You can also have a QR code on them to enable people to scan it easily.

Stickers are a creative and cost-effective way to build your brand image. At Same Day Printing, we offer long-lasting and premium quality stickers that you can use to promote your business. Click here to explore our website or call us at 800 411 3106.

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