So, your friend has suddenly sprung a surprise on you by selecting you as her maid of honor and subsequently asked you to throw a shower for her! Now how do you get out of this corner, missy? Well, you don’t, you just have fun with it. She is your friend after all! Now, we fully understand if you are sick and tired of visiting the same kind of showers again and again. It is for this very reason that we have searched far and wide and come up with a wonderful compilation of themes dedicated to most creative wedding showers ever! Just have a look at our list below to see how talented and imaginative people can be and the stuff they can come up with to have a gala of a time during the wedding season.

Ecstatic Themes for Creative Wedding Showers

Cocktail Themed Shower
This is the snazziest theme for a bridal shower. Wine will flow like river water and people will be asked to come dressed in formals (if the ladies can flaunt their bodies, you could have them appear in black one-piece skirt dresses). The invitation cards will have motifs of champagne glasses on them- be they tulip shaped glasses or flute shaped. The guests will also be encouraged to get cocktail related gifts for the soon to be wed couple like wine coolers, engraved wine racks, fancy champagne glass set, et cetera. Similarly, the favors would also reflect the mood of the theme. Example, Wooden bottle openers with carving reading “Best Compliments – [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]” would be ideal for this sort of thing. It would be cool if the shower were held in the evening/ early night because that’s when the mock tail maniacs come out to play!

Yoga Themed Shower
This is easily one of my favorite themes. The expenditure for this is lowest of all other shower themes. Instead of playing the same old bridal shower games, guests get to meditate and essentially loosen up at the shower. You could hire a yoga trainer to conduct a crash course on the basics of the routine. Guests should be advised to wear loose fitting clothes. Food served will all be vegetarian and health conscious. Favors would include rudra necklaces, self-help books on meditation, and yoga bracelets. Invites would be in yellow papyrus forms tied in the middle with red threads with tassels (to give off that Indian vibe). Do note however, that this theme isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Gypsy Themed Shower
One of the most visually appealing themes for creative wedding showers would have to be a gypsy themed shower. Scarves of vibrant colors like rich magenta, dark blue, enchanting green, and fiery oranges along with silk hangings are selected to adorn the walls of the venue of the shower. This is a theme where the décor is paramount. The entire location should be lighted only with candles- scented, globular, floating, to accentuate that whole mystical feel. Crystal balls may be placed about here and there on tables. Recipes will be exotic like bell pepper shells stuffed with halloumi cheese, spicy chicken pate, roast beef, and pork garnished in red wine and vinegar et cetera. Favors include coasters sporting tarot card designs, refrigerator magnets, and silken scarves. Another shower meant for the night time.

Beach Side Party
Everyone loves a beach side party, especially if there is fish food involved, which will make up most of the shower menu. Décor is as natural as it comes- the sea-side panoramic view. Guests are encouraged to wear their summer dresses and wide brimmed straw hats in order to step out in the sun in style. You could also have a swimsuit dress code as guests may be expected to take a swim in the waters. Be very careful however. Supervise that no untoward events occur at the water side. Favors would include everything sea-shell themed from an actual collection of sea shells to hair combs made from sea shells, shell earrings etcetera.

Bowling Alley Fun Fare
This popularity of this theme is rapidly on the increase, especially if the bride happens to be over thirty years of age. The local bowling alley is the perfect venue to rent out to have an energetic girls’ night out! Food will be bought from the bowling place snack counter itself. Invitations may have the bowling ball watermarks and cliparts on them. One cute favor idea, I can think of for a bowling themed shower is a cute charm bracelet which has the nine pins and the bowling balls as its various little charms.

Wild Wild West Theme
Giddy up, cowgirls and cowboys, for we are going to talk about a wild, wild, west themed shower for a bit. Everyone is asked to come in chaps, cowboy hats and ascots tied around their necks. There would be a horse piñata placed at the ceiling of the venue to give off that authentic Western atmosphere (or at least try to do so). Games include guests enacting scenes from various Western movies with others supposed to guess the movie (a Western version of charades). Also, two guests are subjects to a quick draw match as they are given squirt guns. Fastest woman to pull out her gun and squirt the opponent advances to the next round. The bridal shower food would boast steamed beef and pesto cherry tomatoes whereas favors could include wooden figurines of a loving couple on horseback. Cowboy hats and Native American head-dresses may be displayed prominently to stand in for the décor.

More Cartoony Themes like Pirates, Princesses and Superheroes
If the bride is a child at heart then you could have a costume theme for the guests. Ask them to come dressed up like pirates, fairy tale princesses, or superheroes of their choice. Play games where the pirates, princesses, and superheroes are divided into their own teams. The bridal shower cake could be a Princess Doll cake. Invitations could be impressive animated e-invites and GIF files depicting characters mouthing the invite wordings to the guests on behalf of the shower organizers and the couple to be.

Treasure Trail/ The Amazing Race Themed Bridal Shower
This is a wonderfully fun theme tailor made for a ‘Couple’s Shower’. Each couple has their own teams and given clues leading them to their next clue (mash up of the traditional treasure hunt game and the hit CBS reality competition show The Amazing Race). The clues contain riddles like, “Look under the path of illumination to find your next clue” to point towards clues hidden under a sunlight window sill. The couple teams have to work as a single unit to solve all the clues and run through the obstacles (you may construct obstacle courses in between the treasure trail) in order to reach the final treasure first. Invites may contain wordings like “Bill and Cathy are going to get married, so you will need to hurry and race to get a treasure for them just before their auspicious day”.

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