What are you worried about? What were you thinking about as you clicked onto this link? That is probably associated to the obstacle in your life right now. Our obstacles in life can generally be associated to our thought patterns. To overcome or gain awareness into this pattern, we need to practice staying present, this will help us to remove the obstacles in our lives. It is an easy process with the main theory being awareness.

How can you increase your awareness and move beyond your current limitational thinking, otherwise known as an obstacle, a thought obstacle.

1. I Forgive You

The very and most important thing you or anyone else can do, is to forgive yourself. Why is it that we feel the need to carry the weight or guilt and anguish around with us? Do we think that doing so, will fulfill our life purpose on ANY level? Every time we have a yucky thought pop into our minds, it is important to affirm in your mind that, ”I forgive me and I am ready to move forward with my life”. Very powerful I promise. Oh and I forgive you too!

2. “Let’s Have a Garage Sale!”

Have a “virtual” garage sale with your life’s garbage. There are so many habits they we unconsciously perform in a day that no longer serve our present life. Become aware (try to stay present) as you go through your day. We tend to spend our day on auto pilot, going through the actions but not giving much thought or emotion into our actions. We miss out on so much life when we do this. Try to focus on each and every action you are doing. When you do this, you will begin to see old patterns and habits that are no longer healthy or purposeful at this point for your life, unfold. As you notice an unhealthy habit, state what the habit is to yourself and say that you no longer need to be doing this as it does not have a place in your life. What this does for your life is open it up to new experiences, people and energy. Garage sale, out with the old (thought patterns).

3. Looking Good!

You have forgiven yourself, removed non serving thought patterns, now it is time to bump up the positive change aspect. Buy yourself a gift or treat yourself to something that you love, I am partial to new clothes. You are doing 2 things when you take care of you; you are gifting value and respect to you, which will empower you to give that to others. I love buying new clothes, it makes me feel fresh and new!

4. I Come Bearing Gifts

Giving is so important. There are so many ways you can give. You can give your time and love to a valued friend, your family, a neighbor. You can sign up for some volunteer work, give money to your favorite cause, a homeless individual. Give, give, give. This will create peace in your heart and calmness in your mind. Love melts all negative energy, an obstacle when allowed to pitch a tent and stay a while, is a negative energy. When you give, you release the hold of negative energy in your life.

Obstacles in life can be great things, they can provide challenges and inspire us to go beyond our status quo. When approached as a daunting object they are unhealthy and can cloud our thinking. By shifting your thought patterns and daily habits, you empower your life with new energy which will give you momentum to jump or crawl over any obstacle to positive change.

What do you do to remove obstacles and invite positive change into your life?

Author's Bio: 

Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning, a company specializing in janitorial services for Saskatoon businesses. http://www.scrubmasters.ca