Why do you think that on some days you have creative ideas and not on other days? The resolution is not easy to figure out. One day you may find you are more creative when working in a cooler office and the next day low lighting seems to work best. No pattern. Surroundings in fact have a large impact on producing creative ideas as has been proven.

Noise Levels

While you may think that working in silence is better, it is not. Creativity can suffer if your workspace is too loud or too quiet, believe it or not. Instead you need ambient noise levels to help you become more creative and productive.


When lighting is dim, creative thinking is increased as has been shown. A school of thought believes that stressful feelings can be reduced with lower light as you become free with your thinking. Additional research has shown that people feel free when the lights are dim. Try this out by sitting in a darkened room for five minutes. See if your thoughts and feelings change.

Colors Matter

The ideal colors for boosting your creativity are blue and green. Just taking the time to look at a photo of blue sky and green grass, for example, can help stimulate your creativity.If you need to get into lots of detail with a project then having some red surrounding will help.Red is a stimulating color that can actually raise the blood flow of some people and increase adrenaline. Just a small glimpse of these colors is enough to spur your creative ideas. The colors don't have to be constantly around you.

Surprising Thoughts on Creativity and a Cluttered Room

Creativity can be enhanced when working in a messy or
cluttered room. There are many people who are convinced that a neat organized workspace is best for thinking but are really surprised about the effect of a cluttered area.

It is thought that the clutter in the room draws your attention to new details that you may not have noticed before. In turn this stimulates your creative juices.

The effect of Journeying on Creative Thinking

This one may not be as surprising to you. When you travel to new destinations your brain is experiencing many things for the first time.When you travel to a new country this really has a big impact on your creativity process. You are living in a different culture with new foods and traditions that you have never come across before.

These ideas outlined here are as simple ways to get your creative juices flowing. With these ideas you never know what type of ideas of your own and aims that you can all of a sudden become stimulated with.

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