From the moment one wakes up, their senses can be end up being bombarded with stimuli. This is something that can take place if they look at their Smartphone shortly after they wake up.

Their mind can end up being stuffed with information that is both useful and useless. After this, they may have to go to work via train or tube, which is likely to mean that they will be exposed to numerous adverts, sounds and smells.

The Next Phase

Once they get to work, they may end up spending a number of hours on a computer taking in more information. And, during the moments when they get a break, they could end up going through their Smartphone.

Their journey home is likely to be very much the same as their journey to work. If they use their Smartphone for most of their journey home, it may allow them to block out a lot of the external stimuli.

Back Home

After their day at work, they might just want to sit down and watch TV, while looking through their Smartphone. If they were to go for a run, for instance, this can still be a time when they will listen to music.

When the time comes for them to go to bed, they could end up going through their phone, losing track of time in the process. When someone lives like this, or in a way that is very similar, it is going to be clear that they rarely have time to be with themselves.

One Direction

Ultimately, a lot of information is going to be consumed by them and this is going to make it harder for them to connect with what is going on within them. For this to take place, they will need to limit the amount of information that they consume and to spend more time in their own company.

Through doing this, it will create the space for them to be with themselves and to tune into the information that is within them. If they were to do this, they could end up coming into contact with new ideas and ways of seeing things.


What will become perfectly clear, if someone was to do this, is how normal it is for them to be completely out of touch with their inner world. In the same way that a gold bar would be covered up if a ton of bricks were dumped on top of it; the richness that is within them will have been covered up by all the noise of the world.

Instead of being able to contribute something that is slightly different, they may only be able to contribute things that are very similar to what is already been shared. Therefore, their mind is not going to be flexible, it will be very fixed.

Not an Issue

For as long as one continues to live in this way, and living in this way is not a problem, there is going to be no reason for them to change anything. Their senses will spend a lot of time being stimulated and this will estrange them from their inner world, yet this will be the norm.

If they were to get to the point where living in this way is too stressful for them or if they wanted to start their own business, they may see how destructive it is to live in this way. Taking a step back from all this stimulation would become important to them, giving them the need to change their life.

Regaining Control

By limiting the amount of information that they take in and spending time away from anything that is stimulating, it will give them the chance to connect to their own inner voice. In the beginning they may find that it is hard for them to connect to themselves and that they feel a strong need to reconnect to the stimulation.

This is not going to be much of a surprise, especially if they have been hooked on all this stimulation for a number of years. The key will be for them to be patient and to think about the bigger picture that will unfold as time goes by.

A Number of Ways

Not only can they feel the need to reconnect to the stimulation as soon as they are away from it, but they can also find that there is not a lot going on within them. Again, they will need to hang in there and to allow this connection to gradually form.

Over time, this may mean that they will end up having the urge to write something, to paint or to create a video. This could then become a hobby that is deeply fulfilling or it could end up being an even bigger part of their life.


One can turn everything off in their house/apartment and see what comes up, or they could go into nature. The more silence there is around them the easier it can be for them to connect with their inner world.

When one has this connection to themselves and they can share their something that has been shaped by their own experiences on this earth, it can allow them to feel more connected and to experience more positive feelings. Furthermore, what they share can have a positive effect on others.

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