We, as humans, share 98% of our genetic makeup with chimpanzees. So, what is the difference between those small apes and us?

As you probably know, the chimpanzee is intelligent, social and has a wide range of sounds and gestures for communication and is probably one of the most expressive of all animals.

The difference between the chimpanzee and the human is this: I believe we are different because God the creator of all, created us as humans. At the same time, God created each one of us in his image. Therefore, we have God's creativity built into our genes at birth.

However, in today's world there are two creative perspectives.

(1) There is the world view.

(2) The Christian view.

In the world's view creative activities involved such things as: preparation, incubation, insight, evaluation and elaboration.

In my Christian view of creativity activities include: the recognition of a problem that needs a solution; prayers to ask God for his wisdom and help in finding a solution to a specific problem; my thoughtful examination of the known facts; my search for the obvious solution; and later, my abandonment of the search for a period of restful, relaxing time away from searching for a solution to the problem.

For example, after focusing my attention on the problem for a long time, with what I call the hard work of concentrated thinking I then divert my attention from the problem and do something completely unrelated as a way of relaxing. With experience, I have found this method usually has a big part in helping me solve the problem. How long, you might ask does all of this take? Answer, sometimes minutes, hours, days or even several months. The solution to some problems may even take years. In the midst of all of this creative work, I pray and give praise and thanks to the Lord for the ways he helps me. I have found that the solution to most problems, when ultimately found, is usually quite simple.

After solving a problem in this way,, I always move on with great excitement and pleasure to the next problem or group of problems. In all of this I have no fear of failure. Why? Because I know every problem can be viewed as one of the many facets of a cut diamond. Each facet is an opportunity for me to repeat the great fun, adventure and excitement of a new discovery.

Some will ask, what is creativity anyway? I define creativity as: what we prayerful do to bring about a basic change in the way something is done to achieve specific results.

I always keep this thought in mind: when God created us as humans, he also gave each of us a free will. It is a will God never influences nor changes one way or another without our specific, individual, personal request for God to do so.

All of this leads us to ask the question: how many people are creative? Or, are all people born creative? Obviously, since we are not chimpanzees, we all have the potential and the genes to be creative and do creative things, but only if and when we have a will and a desire to use our creative genes are we able to reach into the depths of our beings and do creative thinking and thus produce creative ideas. Only then, when we will ourselves to be creative, can we be and do creative things. Remember, it is already in our genes to be creative. We have what it takes. We just have to make up our minds to dig down deep within ourselves and take the initiative to actually do creative things with our lives.

I have noticed that creative people have fun. Every creative person I've ever met had a contagious, fun loving, laughing, excited, positive and enthusiastic attitude and life style. So, as a human, believe this: God gave you the natural ability to be a creative person. Therefore, if you decide - of your own free will - to use the share of God's creativity that you possess for his purposes, you will soon become very much aware of what a world of difference a mere 2% of genetic difference can make between you and a chimpanzee!

Now, if you want to see a group of highly creative products, these things are made to fill people's needs as major part of their existence - I invite you to visit the website called: Originals By Weber. There you will see literally dozens of examples of wonderful items made by one who has made the decision to put creative differences in action for you and others to see, use and enjoy (not made by chimpanzees!).

By: Terry L. Weber

Website: http://www.originalsbyweber.com

Author's Bio: 

Terry Weber is a retired advertising/direct mail sales letter copywriter and inventor of several useful items. Terry and his wife Doris were Habitat For Humanity, RV Care-A- Vanners who, for the past eight years volunteered to help build more than 39 houses all over the USA. They traveled to and from the 2-week long builds in their RV. The money they make on their website helped them pay their expenses to and from those volunteer Habitat builds.

P.S. Due to the high cost of gasoline and some recent health problems we can no longer drive the RV to Habitat builds. The RV has been sold. If you want to "give back" try joining Habitat For Humanity. It is both rewarding and lots of fun to help a hard working, needy family get an affordable home of their own.

Note: This is a "hands-up" not a "hand-out" program. The new owners of a Habitat house have a no- interest mortgage and no down payment is required. Their children then have a place they can point to and say: "My house! My home!" (Amen!)