Multimedia is media and content using various forms and has made life much more colorful and vibrant in modern times. It can be usually recorded, played, displayed or accessed by processing devices. It is a mixed media which represents fine art in very aesthetic terms. Today multimedia is a source of second life for many other people as it shows life better than any other. Its use and wide range of variety makes it an absolute must to have in it every home. An interactive interface is necessary for flexibility and learning.

Text-speech conversation, videos, touch screen interface are multimedia’s contribution to the technology industry. Crystal clear graphics, nice and good looking images, better audio-visual imaging and other important sections in this phase are equally important as well as an integral part of it. Multimedia is divided into linear and non-linear category where the former one refers to content which doesn’t need to be controlled while the latter one requires navigational control at all times. Movies or cartoons move on screen without anyone’s control while computer games, mobiles, smart phones, iPods and other devices like them need a certain hand for smooth functioning.

The relevance of multimedia can be broadly explained by the requirement of professionals who are experts in this field. Today there are numerous institutes all over India which provide courses in multimedia; however, the best institutes are available in Delhi and Mumbai, the two most important metro cities of our country. Admec India, Arena Animation,, School of Art and Animation, and Frameboxx are some of the most reputed institutes of Delhi which provide a Bsc degree in animation.

There can be variations in the name as some offer a diploma degree and many institutes offer post graduate degrees but there are very limited private colleges offering a post graduate degree. Academy of Digital Arts, Access Atlantech Media College, AKS 3D Animation, Animation Academy, Animatix Computer Education and Aonline Training are some of the best institutes in Mumbai. There are even good colleges in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. A close research will give any individual a good insight about the kind of multimedia courses which will be available there as well.

Students who attain the post graduate level in this industry can become good web and graphic designers, videos game equipment designer, audio and video producer, animator, line producer, motion graphics designer and machine software designer. All these fields of work require a through understanding about multimedia and sound knowledge will give an edge to any individual. The technical skills and understanding of multimedia become more vast and abundant when a student gains a master degree in it.

The comprehensive ability to understand the nitty- gritty of multimedia becomes far more advanced and functions of each program are deeply understood. The pay scales in this line vary with the relevance of a job. If a game designer is working for a reputed company, then they can get a handsome salary. As it’s always said no one can take anyone’s position, similarly every line in multimedia has a separate position and subsequently a good rise depends also on an individual’s performance. We wish our future technologists a very best of luck.

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