Reward credit cards provide people with an opportunity to get a little extra by simply using credit for purchases. While there are tons of different personal rewards available for consumers to choose from, some individuals selflessly use the rewards programs to earn extras for charity. Chances are, it you have a charitable preference, you will be able to find a reward credit card that will apply your earned rewards towards the cause.

The idea of a charitable rewards program is nothing new. These types of programs have been around for twenty plus years. Among the most popular and successful programs was established by Target. The Target REDcard’s “Take Charge of Education Program” has been building up contributions since 1997 and has collected over $300 million since.

Gaining charitable contributions through charge card purchases is aimed towards individuals who are already choosing to use a credit card for purchases. The charitable card programs allow people to make contributions towards charities without any additional cost to them. This is especially nice for families and individuals who would like to contribute to a worthy cost, but are not in a financial position to contribute out of pocket. You don’t necessarily need a specific charity reward card to earn rewards for charity. If you have a traditional cash back reward option on your credit card, you can choose to give those cash back reward points to a charity.

Credit card providers have established partnerships with many of the largest charitable organizations. A few of these organizations include The American Red Cross, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, The American Cancer Society and many more. The list of charities associated with the credit card industry is vast. A little bit more research and I’ll bet you find a cause worthy of the credit card rewards you’ve earned.

If you’re looking for tax deductibles, giving your card rewards to charity is not going to help. The charities generally do not provide tax deductibles for credit card rewards contributions. Luckily for you, there are many other ways to help out charities that do provide tax deductibles. They appreciate any help they can get.

Being a responsible cardholder provides many benefits. Among the perks to holding a credit card, is the opportunity to take advantage of rewards offered by the card issuers. You may choose to use those rewards on yourself, your family, or a complete stranger through one of the many charitable organizations.

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