Sport is our way of life whether we are directly involved in it or not. Sports news section is integral part of any newspaper and us as well. Comprehensive latest news about the current sports events, position of matches (inning-wise), accidents of players, members of team etc is available in this section. Sports are favorite time pass of most of the youngsters. School going kids are actively involve in these activities. Most of their time is taken up by playground. Rest of the time goes in their studies. One of the most loved sports of all time is Cricket, especially in India. Every kid who dreams to play in Indian Cricket team wants to be Sachin Tendulker (world’s most renowned cricketer and a right handed batsman) one day. Cricket news in India is thus an important part of daily updates on Sports.

Somebody has rightly summarized Cricket as a game of hitting a ball by one and eleven players of other team running to catch it. Uncertainties of Cricket make it very interesting and exciting. Cricket updates on mobile, live broadcast of match and listening to radio for live scores during run are the responses resulted by the enthusiasm about cricket. Cricket news takes all our focus when other things may demand our attention.

Sports enthusiasm can be equated to craze and madness. Latest News about current events like Indian Premiere League, Indian Cricket League, Twenty-Twenty Matches, One day International, Test Matches is awaited hungrily. Sponsorships to these events are sold very costly but cricket lover never think twice before putting money into them. Sports news channels never get tire discussing about matches and performance of players in them in these events. Such is the tide of love for cricket.

When such is the case, as we are discussing, the players come into ultimate pressure of performance. Sports news as well as cricket news do nothing by create so much of hype that distraction from game seems like inevitable. Performance and that too a good one means a lot for the players as well as to the viewers from whom the pressure is coming. It is like practicing meditation in cacophony. Latest news of breakdowns of teams under such pressure is not something we haven’t witnessed before. Due to this it’s also said that performing in homeland is more difficult. Not everyone would be in favor of this statement but still pressure remains pressure until one is done with it. At least we can try to let players deal with the pressure in their way and come out as winners.

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