We have a fair idea what Cricket is for India. From Cricket field to TV screens cricket players rule Indians. They are lavishly paid from the game as well as media and ad agencies to pose for their brands. There have been stories of making of players from rags to riches. Some people may wonder as to why cricket news has been given such attention. Others may just like it being called as heart’s wish as it always follows the craze of crowd. Question that really hits is why Cricket and why not Football like rest of the world. If craze is being followed than why not Football news is our preference as the world does. For us, even knowing about our national sports as in specific sports news never enthused us.

Going back to the history Cricket has been developed earlier than Football but being short spanned and with minimum number of rules it gained more popularity than Cricket. With lot many twists and turns, Cricket is still considered a posh game in Britain. India being a hostage of British for two hundred years created a fondness to this game in India. This might sound like a valid reason for us being so much in love with this particular game. So here we stand in queue to get the ticket for a crucial cricket match today and waiting for the Cricket News of the same match tomorrow in sports news section of our newspaper.

Liking Cricket can also be understood by the way we Indians like to delay aftermath of any act. We like thrills to be dragged. Games are meant to increase the suspense of climax and when the result comes out unexpected the motto of the Game is fulfilled. Cricket is very good at that and due to this it is very much loved in India just as our philosophy of life. Football News can never satiate our hunger for such intensity for timeless thrill.

Sports always will remain a mode of entertainment, for the cause it had been developed. Liking a particular sport is personal as well a choice induced by society and culture. Interest arouses curiosity. It never matters if we chose to adhere either Cricket news or football news. The issue is always of interest and of course at many times the Country. Sometimes it is just ridiculous to differentiate between the two kinds but it also cues to the human nature. More often than not, we incline to do things that do not seem necessary. Sports news about stupid comparisons is one of those.

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