Reading and hearing about various crime news has become a very common practice. This has been taking place in the state or the locality. There are no doubts that today there has been an increase in the crime rate and this is due to various alarming situations. Crime reporters are the journalists who report police beats and crime beats. Latest crime news is presented before the public. All information regarding the crime ranging from thefts, murders, kidnapping and sexual assaults are covered by them. Various other nuisances that take place are also covered. People have had a keenness for knowing about Crime News. They like to watch and read news through which crimes are reported in the society. Thus, the crime journalism has increased to a great extent. incentives are given to the crime reporters for reporting criminal activities, today, there are many such reporters and they work with various newspapers and news channels. The competition be

tween them is cut throat. Thus, their jobs have become very difficult and challenging. A lot of threat has been posed due to terrorism, airplane conditions and accidents. There have been various instances in the past where arrest of crime reporters have been taking place due to civil wars and communal riots. Injuries have been suffered due to the coverage of perilous circumstances.

Crime reporters have to work very closely with the local authorities, police and judicial officers. For aiding crime reports, attorneys can also be of great help. Breaking news about high profiled cases or on going trials is given. This also involves big fishes. Thus, there is cultivation of cordial and hormonal relations. This is always in favor of the reporters. However, if a professional relationship is not maintained by the crime reporter with these people, there are various risks for losing sensational crime stories. He will not be given any alert news about crime cases. New legal strategies and discoveries will be made. There are no other liable sources such as the prosecutors, courts and police. Employment is found by the crime reporters in magazines, radio and newspapers. They can also work in TV broadcast stations, radio or online publications. They can also become columnists by writing for some columns. They compile the latest crime news. There are various opportunities for crime reporters for gat

hering the crime news India. Thus, the lives of crime reporters are very hectic. They need to deliver crime news on time.

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