Suppose you are out in Philadelphia, and you have committed a crime that you shouldn’t have done in the first place, and you got arrested. You are confused whether you should hire a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia or any other state, for a matter of fact.

The first thing to do is take assistance from the best lawyer because getting arrested is not the final judgment, and you are not convicted of any crime until proven in court. So looking for a defense attorney is always a go-to option. 

Ways in which a Defence Attorney can help you if you are guilty.

Below we have combined specific ways a criminal defense attorney can help your way out even if you are guilty.

  1. Keeping you out of the bars: One thing that an experienced criminal defense attorney can do is keep you out of the bar. Your attorney can use his/her experience to make/ present strong strategic arguments or negotiate for a plea deal during your trials. By doing this, your attorney will not let you end up in a prison cell.
  2. Proving if you are guilty or not: Many people tend to make a lot of presumptions based on the crime you have committed. You need to speak to your attorney before you start making judgments because there are particular laws, instances of crime where you might or might not be guilty. 
  3. Refraining from a guilty verdict: As mentioned earlier, if you have committed a crime, this does not necessarily mean that you are a convicted felony. The opposing counsel should prove it during your trial, and proving that is not a piece of cake if you have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Your attorney would critically examine your case and develop a strategic approach so that you cannot be proven guilty.
  4. Bringing down your sentence: If you are proven guilty during your trial, one thing that your defense attorney can do is lower your sentence in prison by presenting specific points and by using a strategic approach that can save you. But this is something that an experienced attorney can make happen because prosecutors in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia are considered too extreme.
  5. Pretrial release: A skillful attorney can ensure that you do not have to stay in the prison cell until you are proven guilty in court. Based on the facts of your case, your attorney can help you get bail.


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