What should be plastic windows to meet all customer requirements? First, modern window designs must meet high levels of heat and sound insulation. Secondly, to reliably protect the room from atmospheric phenomena (wind, moisture, frost penetration). Thirdly, windows should pass daylight well (if there is a need to darken the room, then you can install sun-protection systems or tinted glass). Another task of modern plastic windows is to supplement the general idea of ​​interior design, giving rooms solidity and chic. Let's take a closer look at all the functional designations and design features of modern windows.


Windows made of metal-plastic profile perfectly tolerate temperature fluctuations (from -50 to +50 degrees), thanks to a special seal reliably retain heat in the room and protect from noise, dust and precipitation - that is, they ensure complete tightness of the structure. What should be plastic windows from the point of view of the manufacturer - definitely with German profiles, for example, Rehau. German quality is thickened reinforcement, a multi-chamber durable profile (60 or 70 mm thick) and a wall thickness of 3 mm.

Double glazing

This is a non-collapsible hermetic construction, which consists of several sheets of glass, a spacer frame and desiccants that are poured at the bottom of each chamber. For additional thermal insulation, an inert gas may be placed inside the glass unit. The number of cameras in a double-glazed window can be from 1 to 2. The more cameras - the warmer the window will be.

But in order for the window to become a reliable barrier to the volatilization of heat through glass, it is not necessary to install a double-glazed window with two cameras — rather single-chamber with one energy-saving glass. Special low-emissivity coating reflects heat back into the room. Therefore, answering the question, what should be plastic windows, we can say: energy saving. After all, no one wants to overpay for heating. The double glazed windows, it is the European standard, which we can meet everywhere, including in Melbourne. It should be said that this is the most profitable and cheap technology. Also, it meets all safety standards.


Modern PVC windows consist of built-in (power) and decorative (external) fittings. Power accessories are loops and locking and clamping mechanisms. And knobs, locking combs, closers and security locks are the accessories of the external type. The ease of use of the window, the reliability of locking and the convenience of ventilation will depend on the quality of the fittings. The poor-quality accessories of the Chinese production in several months of use will fail and replacement is required. Therefore, it is better to install reliable fittings made in Germany, for example, from the company Winkhaus.

Conclusion: what should be plastic windows? They must have a solid profile, warm glass and reliable fittings. Only such a symbiosis of quality can guarantee you a great durability of the window construction, ease of operation and maximum comfort. To obtain detailed information or ask questions of interest, you can leave a request on our website or call our phones.

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