Unless someone has been living under a rock for a number of years, they will have most likely heard about a certain family that receives a fair amount of media exposure. In this family, there are a number of daughters who routinely strip off for different magazines.

That is, of course, when they are not showing their bodies off on different social media sites. It has also been said that a few of these daughters are the main reason why so many women want, and have ended up getting, bigger behinds.

All Real

Yet, although their faces and appearances have changed over the years, they have done their best to make out that most of it is down to their genetics. It is then as though getting surgery is perfectly acceptable, but that there is something shameful about openly admitting it.

The trouble is that as these daughters have shared so many pictures of themselves online over the years, it is not hard for the average person to spot what has changed as time has passed. Merely spending a few minutes on a search engine will make it clear – one doesn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to do it.

A Big Impact

Not only have these daughters had a big effect on the type of body shape that many women aspire to, they have also had a big impact on how thousands of women behave online. There is also the impact that they have had on how young girls behave online.

In general, it is going to be far easier to influence a young girl than it will be to influence a grown woman. But, the fact that women from broth groups are being influenced by these daughters shows that women of all ages are vulnerable to this influence.

One Outcome

What also needs to be emphasised is that these daughters are not the only women who have played a part in all this. Nonetheless, these daughters have most likely played the biggest part, and they have helped to spawn a whole new line of women who are having the same impact.

So, thanks, in part, due to their impact, it is not uncommon to come across young girls and women on social media who present themselves as sexual objects. Consequently, a lot of the images, and even the videos that they share, won’t be of their face, and they won’t be wearing much in a lot of them either.


A lot of the pictures that they share can be of their body and of their behind in particular. A woman could then be a student or simply have a normal job, yet she can create the impression that she is a soft-core porn star.

At the same time, someone may only come to this conclusion if they grew up without the internet. The reason for this is that what was classed as explicit in the past is often seen as being normal now, with this partly being result to how accessible porn is nowadays.

A Hungry Body

Based on what a woman like this will share online, it can be as though her body is starving for acknowledgment. Receiving attention and approval for this part of her is then going to be more important than having any other part of her acknowledged and affirmed.

Deep down, she may believe that her value as a human being depends on what her body looks like. Her emotional state is then going to be completely dependent on how her friends and strangers respond to what she shares online.

More Than an Object

Through spending so much time on her appearance and on editing the images that she uploads, it can cause her to overlook other parts of her being. By neglecting these other parts of her, it can result in her experiencing even more pressure to look right.

There are also bound to be plenty of older women out there who are incensed with what is going on. For years, these women will have tried to stop women from being objectified by magazines and other sources, only for later generations to objectify themselves.

One Cause

It would be easy to point the finger at these daughters, and other women, for how so many women are behaving online. The problem with this is that it absolves other people of personality responsibility, creating a victim/perpetrator dynamic.

In order for woman to have gone down this route, it is likely that there was already a weak point within her. And, the reason why she went down this route could be for the same reason why these daughters did.

A Closer Look

If someone is out of touch with their own inherent worth and, therefore, finds it hard to feel good about themselves, it can set them up to look towards others to compensate. With this in mind, perhaps a woman found it hard to feel good about herself, which is why she has ended up using her body to regulate how she feels.

It would be easy to say that this she feels this way because of the messages she has absorbed from society. What this would do is totally overlook the effect that her earlier years had on her life.

Emotionally Malnourished

One idea that could be put forward here is that this woman grew up without a father, or that her father wasn’t emotionally available. This then stopped her from getting the feedback that she needed to develop confidence, to feel capable and to believe in herself.

Hearing this can be hard if someone has been conditioned to believe that a man just provides the sperm and offers absolutely nothing to a child’s development. For quite some time now, it has been well-documented that so many people are now growing up without a father.

A Narcissistic Family

On the other hand, what this could show is that this woman was brought up by caregivers who were unable to love them for who they were. Instead, they would have only love them if they did want they wanted.

This would have set them up to become a human doing, with them believing that their value was based on what they do, not on who they are. They would have had to fulfil their caregiver’s needs, overlooking their own needs in the process

The Fallout

This type of upbringing would have caused the woman to feel as though her true-self was inherently worthless. Her value is then going to be something that resides outside of herself.

Ergo, unless she receives positive feedback from others, she will end up having to face the toxic shame that is within her, along with other painful feelings. Shame is a feeling that is not like any other, in that it is incredibly painful to experience.


Receiving positive feedback from others may keep her pain at bay, but it will come at a great price. For one thing, the level of attention that she receives won’t last forever - time will take its toll on her appearance.

Being dependent on other people in this way is also going to make it hard for her to experience inner peace. And as was mentioned above, there can be other areas of her life that she will neglect.

Focusing purely on her appearance can stop her from becoming a well-rounded person, with her having more than her looks to offer. This then becomes a vicious cycle, with her experiencing even more pressure to look good.

If a woman can see that this is something that has got out of control, and she wants to change her life, she may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by a therapist or a healer.

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