For a little while now, a lot has been said about the planet and how it is not in a good way. On one side, there is a focus on what is going on with the weather, and on the other, there is a focus on what is happening on the ground.

And although the media has spoken about the weather for a very long time, it appears to be spending more time talking about what is happening to the earth. One of the ways that this is taking place is by looking at all of the plastic that is in the ocean.

Its Everywhere

Not only can plastic be found all over the earth, it can also be found in the sea and inside the creatures that live there. Seeing something like this is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

This is then a clear sign of how human beings are not only covering the earth with this stuff; they are also covering the sea with it too. But while human beings can clear this stuff up from the earth, the creatures in the sea can’t do this.

An Important Role

Thus, it is up to human beings to remove this stuff from the earth and to remove it from the sea. Human beings are the guardians of the earth and need to do what they can to make sure that they don’t destroy it.

Yet, due to how much damage has been done with plastic alone, this is not something that will happen overnight. The plastic needs to be cleared up and what would also help is if the old type of plastic was phased out and biodegradable plastic was phased in.

Further up

As for the weather, it is often said that fossil fuels need to stop being used, and a number of other ways of creating energy are now available. This is seen as the way to protect the ozone layer, amongst other things.

This is one reason why electric cars have become so popular, but this doesn’t mean that driving an electric car is the only way to make a difference. Instead of driving somewhere, someone can cycle or even walk there, for instance.

A Strange Scenario

Over the years, Hollywood actors have also got involved, seemingly trying to do their bit for the planet. However, some people have found it hard to comprehend how some of these people can say one thing and do another.

For example, the actor who was in the film Titanic is said to fly to different conferences in his private jet. Along with this, it has been said that he has also flown to events by private jet to pick up awards for the work that he has done for the environment.

Do as I say, not as I do

If this is actually the case, one would hope that someone like this has a very good reason for this. There is, of course, the chance that someone like this is out of touch with reality and has superiority complex, seeing themselves as being above the common man/woman.

What applies to these people is then not something that applies to them, and they are here to ‘educate’ the masses from their ivory tower. Still, if someone is used to having so many people treat them like a god, it’s not going to be a surprise if they end up seeing themselves as one.

Take to the Streets

So, while using a different type of transport, no longer using cleaning products that are harmful and buying local products can help, there are people who go one step further. When this happens, someone can end up taking part in a demonstration.

Doing this once might not be enough, though, and one could end up taking part in these on a regular basis. One could then describe themselves as an ‘activist’, seeing themselves as someone who is making a positive difference and is doing the right thing.

Two Parts

As to whether or not the planet is the way it is purely because of what human beings have been doing is open to debate, but what is clear is that what they have been doing has caused a lot of damage. Nonetheless, while it would be easy to focus solely on what human beings have been doing, this would overlook the effect that they have energetically been having on the planet.

Perhaps the primary reason why this part is overlooked, at least in the mainstream, is that unless something is picked up by the five senses, it is generally seen as something that doesn’t exist. What also undoubtedly plays a part in all this is that so many human beings live in their head, having very little connection to their body.

Going Deeper

If someone lives in their head and is estranged from their body, their body can be full of emotional pain. But even though they will be out of touch with this pain, it doesn’t mean that this pain won’t have an effect on them or the earth.

What this comes down to is that while the brain in their head will see everything as being separate, this is nothing more than an illusion. This part of them will see itself as merely an observer of reality; when in reality, they are connected to everything around them.

The Outcome

The negative energy that is in their body – the emotional pain – is then not going to be something that they are fully aware of, but it will still have an influence. Ultimately, the earth will pick up on this energy and it will do its best to transmute it.

To get an idea about this one only needs to look into the effect that negative energy has on plants and water, for instance. With this in mind, if so many human beings are not dealing with their own inner toxicity and mother earth is being overloaded by it, could this be partly why the earth is not in a good way?


Taking part in demonstrations and getting all riled up can allow someone to feel powerful and even self-righteous. Through being attached to their ego - the part that allows them to have their own experience on this earth - they can see themselves as being right while certain people can be seen as being wrong.

If someone like this was to get in touch with their body, on the other hand, and to work through their inner wounds, it is likely to be a very different experience. They could end up feeling powerless and worthless during this time.

Focusing exclusively on what is going on ‘out there’ is then going to be a lot easier than taking the time to look into what is also taking place within them. Another challenge is that the mind will do everything it can do avoid pain and it has the tendency to project what is going on internally onto the external world, which makes it even harder for someone to get into their body and to face themselves.

With this in mind, if someone truly cares about the earth, it might be a good idea for them to work through their own inner wounds. It is unlikely that this type of work will result in them receiving a lot of approval from others or any awards; it will probably go unnoticed by most people.

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