After coming to the conclusion that the mainstream media, along with other sources, is not there to actually inform, someone can end up looking towards alternative sources for information. Fortunately, there is far more information available than there was in the past and so it is far easier for someone to gain a better understanding of what is going on.

Still, as there is so much information available, it doesn’t mean that this is a straightforward process. To gain a good understanding can take time and a lot of patience and even then it doesn’t mean that one can be completely sure that they know exactly what is going on.

An Outsider

When someone doesn’t buy into the mainstream media, it can be as though they are very much in the minority. The people that do can see them as being weird and describe them as a “conspiracy theorist.”

If they have been on this path for a little while, they might be used to this now, though. Yet, one can describe people like this as being “asleep”, “sheep” and/or as lacking the ability to think critically.

Age-Old Plans

When it comes to what is and what has taken place in the world, one could believe that it is all planned. Thanks to the information that they have been exposed to, it won’t be possible for them to simply accept that what takes place is random and merely the result of incompetent politicians, for instance.

They could believe that the people behind the scenes, the elites, are the ones who are orchestrating what takes place. The average person can then see what takes place as being random and as having no connection to a previous occurrence but this won’t be the case.

A Brick Wall

However, whenever they have tried to explain this to others, in general, they might not have gotten very far. They may have often been treated as though they were trying to sell a virus as opposed to trying to assist a fellow human being.

Due to experiences like this, they might not have much hope for humanity, believing that most people are too plugged in to see the big picture. This can be seen as to why it is so easy for the people behind the scenes, the elites, to achieve their goals.

An Analogy

In a way, it can be as if they, along with their fellow human beings who are also in the know, are in a lighthouse looking down. By being so high up, they are able to see how certain events lead to what is going on and how what is going on now will lead to what will happen in the future.

Those who are plugged into what the system tells them, on the other hand, will be on the ground and, as a result, their vision will be obstructed. They won’t be able to see why something happened or what will happen in the future.

Drawing the Line

Most likely, one will believe that in order for the world to change, as many people as possible will need to wake up to what is going on. This way, the people in power won’t be able to carry on doing the same thing and the game will be over.

Quite simply, what is going on “out there” will need to change; unless this takes place, the world will stay the same or get even worse. However, what if this is only true on one level and, on another level, what is taking place “out there” is not what really needs to change?

Another Angle

Upon hearing this, someone could question how the world could actually change unless what is going on “out there” changes. This is a viewpoint that will most like be coming from their intellect or ego-mind, the part of their being that sees itself as separate from everyone and everything.

To this part of them, they will simply be observing what is going on “out there”; nothing more, nothing less. Now, although this part of them is observing what is going on, another part of them is playing an active role in what they experience.

Two Parts

This means that beyond the illusion that their mind creates, one is observing their own creation. At this point, one could wonder how they could be playing a part in what is going on; especially as they are completely against what is taking place and are doing what they can to end it.

What needs to be acknowledged at this point is that one has both a conscious and an unconscious mind, and what is taking place within these minds is constantly shaping their outer reality. Therefore, although their conscious mind can be full of “light”, their unconscious mind can be full of “darkness”, and their thoughts, emotions and feelings, whether they want them to or not, will be keeping this outer reality in place.

A Mirror

Taking this into account, what is taking place in their reality, regardless of how “bad” or “evil” it is is a reflection of what is going on for them at some level. If what is going on “out there” had absolutely nothing to do with what was held within their own consciousness, it wouldn’t be part of their experience.

Without his understanding in place, one will be trying to change their own reflection and, as what is resisted is what will both persist and grow; they will unknowingly strengthen the very thing that they want to defeat. The way that the world will change is by them, and others, resolving what it is inside them that is sustaining the current reality.

Final Thoughts

It has been said that the only reason the people in power are losing power is not that they are getting lazy or are not as smart as was thought; it is because the consciousness of the planet is rising. What appears to be going on ‘out there’ is then a reflection of what is going on internally for so many people, with what is going on at an individual level being reflected in the collective consciousness.

It takes courage for someone to go within and face their inner wounds; it also takes patience and persistence. But, as challenging as it is likely to be at times, it is perhaps the best thing that one can do if they truly want to change the world.

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