This point in time can be seen as being no different to any other point in human history, inasmuch as there are ‘bad’ people in the world. So, although a lot has changed as time has passed, there is a lot that hasn’t.

Thanks to the mainstream media and other sources, it is a lot easier to find out about what ‘bad’ people are doing; whereas in the past, it was a lot easier for people like this to hide their misdeeds.

No Different

Then again, in today’s world, there are more convoluted ways for people like this to cover up their behaviour. Therefore, while there are cameras and microphones just about everywhere, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that everything is under the spotlight.

For example, it has been said that the people at the top, the elite, are essentially criminals. Thanks to their influence, they are naturally going to do everything that they can to try to make sure that what they do is kept hidden from the masses.

A Relatively Simple Process

Going along with this outlook – that there is an elite and that they have a hell of a lot of power - it won’t be hard for them to keep their misdeeds hidden from the general public. If they have influence over just about every organisation on earth, they won’t need to worry about anything getting out into the open.

And, even if something does get out into the public, they can make sure that this information is soon censored. If anything, as so many people look towards the same source to find out about what is going on, it is easier than ever before to control what they know and how they perceive reality in the process.

The Solution

Now, regardless of whether it relates to the ‘bad’ people in the public eye or those who are operating behind the scenes, it could be said that these people need to be dealt with. If this was to take place, the world would be a much better place, and there would be peace and harmony on earth.

Based on this outlook, there will be ‘good’ people and there will be ‘bad’ people. These ‘good’ people won’t be perfect but they won’t be seen as being anything like the ones who are actually ‘bad’.

A Deeper Look

Nonetheless, what if it is not as simple as there being a large group of ‘good’ people and a smaller group of ‘bad’ people? What if the bad people ‘out there’ are reflection of what is taking place inside the ‘good’ people?

Upon hearing this, someone could end up feeling confused and/or end up feeling offended. If the former takes place, they could wonder how what is taking place ‘out there’ could have anything to do with them.

The Big Illusion

What this is likely to show is that they live in a society that is built on the view that everyone and everything is separate. The outcome of this is that they, along with their fellow human beings, will be nothing more than an observer of their reality.

Through having this view of reality, it will be perfectly normal for them to dismiss this view. And if they see themselves as a ‘good’ person, it will also be perfectly normal for them to experience a strong reaction after being told that the ‘bad’ people out there are a reflection of them.

Stepping Back

To understand why someone would respond in this way, it will be necessary to take a deeper look into how the ego-mind works. Firstly, this part of someone’s being, along with their eyes, causes them to see themselves as just an observer of what is going on ‘out there’.

Without a doubt, it is due to human beings having this way of perceiving life that has caused them to create, and sustain, societies that are a manifestation of this outlook. Secondly, this part of someone pushes the parts of themselves that are too painful for them to face down into their unconscious mind.

The Mirror

Once something has been pushed out of their conscious mind and into their unconscious mind, it won’t simply disappear. Still, once it has been pushed out of this part of their being, their conscious mind can forget all about it.

What has been pushed out of their awareness will have an effect on the people who they are drawn to and repel and the situations and circumstances that they find themselves in. Ultimately, the material that has been pushed down to the core of their being will have a massive impact on what they are resonating, with this being what defines what they can or can’t experience.

A Sign

Furthermore, the parts of themselves that they won’t want to face don’t just go into their unconscious mind; it also goes into the collective unconscious. Thus, what one doesn’t deal with influences what takes place in their own life and what takes place on the planet as a whole.

With this understanding in place, what is going on ‘out there’ can be seen as a sign of what needs to be dealt with internally at both an individual and collective level. What this would do is prevent an individual and humanity as a whole from getting too caught up in an effect and to deal with the cause.

Final Thoughts

Fighting the ‘darkness’ that exists ‘out there’ will be the logical thing for someone to do when the above is not understood, but this will just empower the very thing that they want to change. When someone goes within and starts to integrate the ‘dark’ parts of themselves, they will be changing their life and the planet as a whole.

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