In many societies around the world, especially in the west, the focus is generally on what is taking place externally. Consequently, what is going on “out there” is the focus and what is going on internally is largely overlooked.

When it comes to making changes at both an individual and collective level, then, taking action is seen as the only option. Without this, it will be as though things won’t just stay as they are; they will end up getting even worse.

One Step Back

However, to say that what is going on internally is largely overlooked wouldn’t be completely accurate. It would probably be more accurate to say that what is going on internally is rarely even acknowledged.

In a lot of cases, it is as though each and every person has no inner world; there is only an external reality that is shared by everyone. Yet, even though it can appear as though everyone human being shares the same external reality, this is also an illusion.

A Subjective Experience

Of course, there are things that everyone can agree with, such as the colour of the sky and objects being ‘solid’. But, along with all the things that everyone can relate to is the fact that everyone is having their own unique experience on this planet.

For example, two people can walk along the same path and while so many things will be the same, so many things will be different. What will play a part in what they experience will be what they believe, how they feel and what is currently on their mind.

An External Focus

However, if someone is focused on what is going on externally and is, therefore, plugged into society, they are likely to believe that not only do they live on the same planet as everyone else but that their reality is reality. They will simply be observing what is going on “out there”; nothing more, nothing less.

By having this outlook, it won’t occur to them that what is taking place inside them is defining what they see and experience. In order for them to realise this, it will be necessary for them to bring their awareness into themselves.

The Connection

Disconnecting from what is going on externally and connecting to what is taking place internally will allow them to see how their inner world is affecting their outer world. Moreover, by doing this, they will be able to gradually realise that the impression that their intellect creates, along with their eyes, that they are merely an observer of reality, is a facade.

Over time, by being with their thoughts and feelings, they will gradually be able to see how these inner elements are co-creating their very reality. It might be hard for them to accept that this is possible, yet this is only because their mind deceives them into believing that they are separate from everyone and everything.

Endless Feedback

It would then have seemed as though what was taking place inside their own mind and body had no effect whosoever on their external reality, yet their reality will have constantly been mirroring back their inner world. Their life will be a canvas and they will paint this canvas with their own consciousness.

Another part of this is that it won’t just be what is taking place in their conscious mind that is playing a part in this process; it will also be what is taking place in their unconscious mind. This is why, in addition to them not having realised that their thoughts and feelings were creative, what takes place externally would have appeared to have absolutely no connection to them.


Nonetheless, although this is something that someone would gradually be able to understand if they were to bring their attention inside themselves, it is unlikely to be something that will just take place. For one thing, if they are focused on the external world, being this way will feel comfortable.

Furthermore, if they were to bring their attention inward, they would probably soon come into contact with some inner material that would make them feel unconformable. Thus, being caught up in what is going on externally will not only be what is normal, it will also allow them to avoid pain and their own “darkness”.

A Better Option

So, even if they had the understanding in place that their outer world is reflecting back their inner world, they would still need to be willing to face and work through their own pain. Naturally, trying to change what is going on externally will be far more appealing.

This will allow them to avoid their own inner wounds and they will be able to receive a fair amount of approval from others. Going within and cleaning their own consciousness will be painful and they are unlikely to receive any awards either.

No Pressure

Additionally, by living in a society that is highly extroverted, and they are likely to as most are, they are likely to be told from morning until the night that changing what is going on “out there” is the only way to change or save the planet. It is highly unlikely that they will be encouraged by anyone in the mainstream to heal their inner wounds.

The effect that mental and emotional energy has on the physical reality is unlikely to be acknowledged, let alone dismissed. The focus will be on what can be perceived by the five senses and most of the effort will be directed into changing this reality.

Final Thoughts

If humanity as a whole is carrying a lot of internal baggage and this baggage defines what takes place externally, purely focusing on external problems is clearly not the answer. It will be like one step forward, two steps back.

Considering this, if someone resonates with the view that their inner world is co-cresting their outer world and wants to play their part whilst they are on this planet, it will be essential for them to bring their attention inward and to heal their own inner wounds. This is likely to be a time when they will be working through pain that relates to what they have experienced as an adult, a child and what was passed down from their ancestors.

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