In recent years, a lot has been said about space exploration and how important it is for the survival of humanity. There are those who believe that although human beings didn’t evolve to live in space, it can provide them with somewhere else to live if the earth is no longer inhabitable.

In addition to this, there are all of the insights and scientific discoveries that have been made by going into space. Therefore, it makes complete sense that there is a lot of focus on space and a lot of money is being spent.

Another Area

There are others who believe that more should be being done to explore the ocean. This is understandable, considering that it has been said that more than 80 percent of the ocean hasn’t been mapped, explored or seen.

It then makes sense that more attention should be given to what is taking place down below. However, at this point in time, what is going on above is typically seen as being more important and where most of the money is going.

One Interpretation

One way of looking at what is going on would be to say that as, at a psychological level, human being tends to prefer things that will take them up than down, going to up to space is far more appealing than going down into the ocean. Going up is associated with progress, growth, success and lightness.

Going down, on the other hand, is associated with going backwards, shrinking, failure and heaviness. So, in addition to the other reasons as to why space travel is the focus, perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is seen as so important, elevates so many people and brings such hope.

Another Element

Also, human beings like to seek pleasure and to avoid pain, and going into space can be seen as another example of this principle in action. For example, a number of human beings believe that, over time, they will be able to leave planet earth and live on another planet.

What takes place in peoples day-to-day lives is then going to potentially be something that will take place on an even bigger scale. And as to how long it will be until this happens is open to debate.

Taking a Step Back

Now, as most human beings have the need to go up, not down and the need to seek pleasure and to avoid pain, it means that, throughout someone’s life, a lot of “negative” feelings and thoughts ends up being pushed out of their awareness. Once it has been pushed out of their awareness, though, it doesn’t simply disappear.

No, it ends up being pushed out of their conscious mind and into their unconscious mind/body. Once it is here, it won’t simply lie dormant and no longer have an effect on their life; it will continue to impact their life in a number of ways.

The illusion of Separation

Their “negative” inner material doesn’t just stay in this part of their being either; it also ends up being part of another mind. This other mind has, along with other names, been called the collective unconscious.

One then has their own invisible container that holds all the “negative” feelings and thoughts, among other things, that they have become estranged from and this material will be held in an even bigger container that holds the “negative” feelings and thoughts, among other things, that everyone else has lost touch with. What is held in their unconscious mind/body will have a big impact on how they experience life, and, together with everyone else’s disowned inner material, it will have a big impact on what takes place on the planet as a whole.


What this illustrates is that human beings are not simply passive observers of reality; this is merely an illusion that their ego-mind, along with their eyes, will create. Still, although it is an illusion, it is an illusion that is widely accepted as the truth and is just seen as how life is.

Consequently, as this is widely seen as the truth, there is going to be no reason for humanity as a whole to “go down” into the depths of their own being and to deal with their disowned content. What is going on “out there” will be the problem and leaving the planet, as opposed to dealing with the inner material that is playing a part in why the planet is the way that it is, will make perfect sense.

Moving Beyond Ego-Consciousness

For this to change, it will be necessary for more and more people to realise that the only reason it appears as though what is taking place externally is separate from what is going on internally is because of the illusion that their ego-mind, along with their eyes, create. Until this happens, a lot of the “dark” material that is held within the collective unconscious will be overlooked and continue to cause havoc as a result.

Mother Nature will continue, in a number of different ways, to express what humanity hasn’t dealt with. To some people, it will then seem as though humanity is being victimised by an external source; when in reality, a large part of humanity will be unconsciously victimising themselves.

Final Thoughts

It can be easy to believe that Mother Nature is punishing humanity and this can be seen as a consequence of ego-based thinking. This part, thanks to its dual nature, projects its way of operating onto Mother Nature and to other things, and as humanity hasn’t treated the planet very well at times, largely due to their own pain-based behaviour, it makes sense that they would be “punished” for it.

What if they are not being punished for it, and there is no entity or being to punish them - that is unless they co-create a scenario where there is, of course - they are simply getting back what they have given? In other words, what if the external world is simply a mirror, not a judge, jury and executioner?

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